Roaring 20s

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  • Prohibition begins

    Prohibition begins
    Prohibition started on January 1st 1920 this meant that the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol was banned in the United States as it was shown on the 19th amendment. The cause of this was to lower crime rate, corruption, and improve health in America. This plan did not work instead the crime rate went up and the prohibition alcohol was more dangerous. This lasted until 1933.
  • Paris peace treaty

    Paris peace treaty
    On January 21st, 1920 the Paris peace treaty was signed, which meant the official ending in World War 1 resulting in the allies victory
  • The 19th amendment

    The 19th amendment
    The 19th amendment mad it so any United State citizen should not be denied the right to vote based on gender. This was a huge step towards equality and unity in America.
  • Immigration act

    Immigration act
    The immigration was a US law that limited the number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country who were already living in the United States. This was supposed to restrict Southern and Eastern Europeans as well as prohibiting the East Asians and Asian Indians.
  • Harding dies

    Harding dies
    United States President Warren G. Harding dies of stroke in a San Francisco hotel room and then Vice President Calvin Coolidge becomes president.
  • Scopes trial

    Scopes trial
    A young biology teacher named John Scopes challenged the state's ban on teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in public schools. William Jennings Bryan argued against Scopes saying evolution cannot be taught because it is not in the Bible. It highlighted the controversy between Modernity vs. Tradition.
  • The great Gatsby is published

    The great Gatsby is published
    F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby.
  • KKK March in Washington DC

    KKK March in Washington DC
    The racial fueled group that believed in Americanism, anti Catholicism, anti communism, and nativism. Around this time there was about 4 million members of the KKK and they marched in DC to show support for the hateful group.
  • Kellogg-Briand Pact

    Kellogg-Briand Pact
    15 nations, including the United States, sign the Kellogg-Briand pact outlawing war.
  • 1929 stock market crash

    1929 stock market crash
    This Stock Market Crash was one of the leading factors of the Great Depression. The cause of tthe Crash was the increased use of buying stocks "on margin". The Crash devestated the ecnomy and is also known as the Great Wallstreet Crash of 1929.