Road to religion timeline

Timeline created by Gabbie Martin
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  • Religious Requirements for Voting

    Religious Requirements for Voting
    To vote you have to be a male and go to church. You also must have land.
  • Pilgrims

    The pilgrims created thanksgiving and started a couple of colonies because they wanted religious freedom.
  • Puritans

    They also came for religious freedom but not as much at the pilgrims, plus they didn't really have freedom because if you didn't believe what they believed you were banished.
  • Maryland

    Was founded in 1632 and was one of the most religiously free colonies.
  • Dissent in Mass Bay

    Dissent in Mass Bay
    This event was made because of the puritans banishing people. 2 famous people got banished: Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams.
  • Dissent in Mass Bay continues

    Dissent in Mass Bay continues
    Anne Hutchinson got banished because she didn't want to listen to the super strict rules of the church
    Roger Williams, (Founder of Rhode Island), got banished because he didn't believe in the church running everything, such as the gov
  • Quakers

    Quakers were ahead of there time, thinking that everyone was equal. Plus they founded Pennsylvania.
  • Great Awakening

    Great Awakening
    Without the great awakening, they might have lost interest in the church so the great awakening was there to bring back interest in the church.
  • Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

    Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
    This made all state and church-run by different people so that no one person could have all the power