Road to Apple

  • Birthplace

    Steven Paul was born in San Francisco, the son of Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble. He is quickly adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs
  • Meet a freind

    Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak, 5 years older, through a mutual friend. Woz and Steve share a love of electronics, Bob Dylan, and pranks
  • Blue boxes

    Steve and Woz build and illegally sell 'blue boxes' that allow to make phone calls for free
  • Apple 1

    Mar 1976Woz and Steve show the early Apple I board at the Homebrew Computer Club
  • Apple 2

    The Apple II becomes the first mass-market personal computer, with impressive sales around the US. Apple becomes a symbol of the personal computing revolution
  • Pixar

    Alan Kay first introduces the Pixar team to Steve Jobs
  • NeXT Cube

    Steve Jobs introduces the NeXT Cube in San Francisco to great critical acclaim, pitching it as a workstation for higher education
  • imac

    Steve Jobs introduces Apple's revolutionary iMac at the Flint Center auditorium in Cupertino, 14 years after he had introduced the Macintosh at that same place
  • App

    Introduction of the iMac DVs and of iMovie, the first of Apple's first Digital Hub app
  • Ipod

    After an 8-month crash development program, Steve Jobs unveils iPod at a small media event on the company's campus.
  • Itunes

    Apple opens the revolutionary online iTunes Music Store in the US, after negotiating landmark deals with all major music labels
  • Iphone

    In his most memorable keynote presentation ever, at Macworld 2007, Steve Jobs introduces iPhone and its revolutionary touch-screen interface. He also introduces Apple TV and announces the company's name change from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc. to better reflect its new nature
  • Ipad

    After months of wild rumors, Steve Jobs unveils iPad, 'the biggest thing Apple's ever done'. The tablet runs the same operating system as iPhone
  • Ipad 2

    Despite his medical leave, Steve Jobs takes the stage to unveil the new iPad 2
  • Dies

    Steve Jobs dies at home, surrounded by his family