River Between Us- Will 28

  • The Problem

    Noah Pruitt wants to join the army. One morning he leaves like a thief in the night
  • Event 1

    A boat arrives in Grand Tower during a party. There are two women on it, Delphine and Calinda. They need a place to sta so Mrs. Pruitt offers there house for them to stay at.
  • Event 2

    They all hae their first meal together and discuss the town and things of that matter. The whole time Noah is very attracted to Delphine.
  • Historical Event 1

    March 4, 1861 was Lincolns first inaugural address. Because he was elected for president and all presidents give an address when they are elected.
  • Event 3

    Cass and Calinda become very good friends. They have the same persinalities but its mostly Cass following Calinda everywhere.
  • Historical Event 2

    The battle of bull run was the first major battle of the civil war. The cenfederates destroted the Union in the battle.
  • Event 4

    Cass runs out into the kitchen saying Calinda is killing Delphine when really Calinda was just putting on Delphines corsets.
  • Historical Event 3

    The battle of belmont was the first major test for U.S. Grant. Belmont again was a confederate victory even though there were more casualties.
  • Event 5

    Delphine and Tilly go to the town and shop for things. Tilly is like a tour guide for Delphine.
  • Historical Event 4

    The battle of fort Sumter was the total surounding and bombing of fort Charleston. The south demanded the U.S. army abandoned it.
  • Event 6

    Delphine buys very exspensive oil lamps and mathces.
  • Event 7

    Poeple think that the Pruitts are housing those from the south and since Deplhine bought the oil lamps to signal confederates.
  • Event 8

    Tilly isnt used to the house looking so bright with all teh lamps in the summer and she said she feels god about life.
  • Event 9

    Curry leaves to go fight for the south and leaves Tilly a note telling her what hes doing.
  • Event 10

    Dr. Hutchings at the starting of the book asks Tilly to dance at the party on the boat.
  • Event 11

    Tilly describes how Grand Tower has never seen anyone like Calinda and Delphine.
  • Event 12

    Two moms come in thinking Noah is doing bad things to the two girls Delphine and Calinda. Mrs. Preuit does not approve and orders them to leave.
  • Climax

    Noah disappears like a thief in the night. He left to go join the Union army. He left in the night because he knew his mom would not let him.
  • Falling Action 1

    Mrs. Pruitt starts to lose it when Noah isnt returning from the war. She talks to Tilly to go get him Tilly says she cant. But Mrs. Pruitt demands her to go and says she can risk Tilly but not Noah.
  • Falling Action 2

    Delphine and Tilly travel to Cairo where Noah is located. He is hurt because he has lost one arm. Tilly see Dr. Hutchings there as well. They bring Noah home right when they are able to. But when they arrive home Paw is dead and Mrs. Pruitt committed suicide.
  • Falling Action 3

    Skipping ahead in time Howard and his little brothers go to visit the family in Grand Tower.
  • Resolution

    Delphine and Noah arent actually married but they had William Hutchings. They named him William Hutchings after Dr. Hutchings because Noah could not marry Delphine. They all live together and are all happy.