Rise of the Roman Republic

By Mandi24
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    Plebeians Gets More Rights Back!

    Plebeians Gets More Rights Back!
    By this time the plebeians got back another right. They got back that they could have say in the goverment and one out of two of the consuls could be a plebeians. The plebeians could also become senators to. This changed the goverment a lot because the plebeians had a say and they could also become a leader .
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    The Laws Where Published

    The Laws Where Published
    When this time started the plebians gained back some power and they also got the patricians to write down and publish the laws. This changed the goverment because then the patricians could not change the laws or take away any and the plebeians got back some of there power.
  • Jan 1, 616

    Etruscans Ruled Rome

    Etruscans Ruled Rome
    Rome was separated into two different classes, the patricians and the plebeians. The patricians were the upper class and the plebeians were the working class. This event changed the governement of Rome because the partricians were the only ones that had power in the government.
  • Patricians Took Over!

    Patricians Took Over!
    Over this time the patricians took over Rome. The patricians sent the etruscans way. While they elected the senate that was a group of people from the patricians. The plebians had no say at all during this time. This event did change Rome because the patricians had all the power.
  • Plebeians Get to Pass Laws!

    Plebeians Get to Pass Laws!
    At 287 B.C.E the plebeians got the right to pass laws for all citizens. Assemblies are for all romans now and they can say yes or no to any law. This did change the goverment because the plebeians get a say in the goverment instead of the patricians haveing all of the say in the goverment and everything.
  • Plebeians v.s Patricians War

    Plebeians v.s Patricians War
    The plebeians got very mad at the patricians at this time period because the patricians was still in power and they where changing laws for their own good. The plebeians got mad at this and started a war with them. This event changed the goverment because the plebeins started a war with the patrcicans to get back their rights.