revolution Kevin

  • French & Indian war

    There is no date of when the this event took place , but the war was mainly about a battle to gain control of the Ohio River Frontier in the new world. French & indian allies battled eachother , but in the end , the british gained control over the ohio river .
  • Proclomation of 1763

    A king named by King George 3 is one of the main people in this event , after the French & Indian War. The Main purpose was to organize Great Britains new North American empire.
  • Sugar Act

    NO date for this event. They had put a 3 cent tax on foreign refined sugar .It had increased taxes on coffee , indigo , certain kind of wines
  • Boston Tea Party

    it was a political protest by the sons of liberty , england taxed america , amercians dressed up like indians & dumped all tea from england into the harbor .