Timeline created by zimmy
  • A new view

    We found out apes are just like us in many ways.
  • Riots

    Race riots start to break out all over the us.
  • Supreme court overturns

    The supreme court overturnd a bill from 1981.
  • Market

    The worlds stockmarket crashs.
  • DNA provides new evidence

    DNA showed us that there was more to evolution.
  • War

    Liberia's civial war countinues.
  • Pope Jhon Paul the second

    He helped to change evolution of religion.
  • discovery

    A new planet discovered by the 4 star closet to Earth.
  • Fight of school in kansas

    In 1999 in kansas the were fighting to change the topics of science they were teaching in the schools.
  • War

    Military coup in packistan springs up.
  • Balloons

    First balloon flight take off for around the world.
  • Columbine schootings

    The schootings start to treating the evolution of people.
  • space probe

    The first space probe lands on astroid Eros.
  • Tempelton prise winner

    A man was able to make science and religon work together.
  • 9 11

    The twin towers blew up and alot of people died.
  • Human genome

    He found out that we have the same genes as fruit flies.
  • K-mart

    Kmart files for bankrupsy.
  • Killing

    Terrorists kill 52 peoplein London subway bombings
  • Federal court

    They were tring to cahnge the schools in Pennsylvania.