• Third Estate Rises!

    Third Estate Rises!
    The third astate creates the National Assembly consisting of only property owning males. This is important because the third astate has risen and they are outnumbering the first astate.
  • People Have Rights!

    People Have Rights!
    The Assembly creates the Declaration of rights of man that was modeled after the American Declaration of Independence. This is important because, it was a breakthrough for all the people, they never really had any rights untill they have created this socument to ensure them of their own rights.
  • Napoleon Takes Over!

    Napoleon Takes Over!
    Napoleon Bonaparte overthrows the directory and replaces it with a new government where he is the First Counsler Leader. This is important, because Napoleon basicaly became a new Dictator, and he crowed himself, basically saying i dont need your help ive got it.
  • Provisional Government

    Provisional Government
    A provisional government was set up. This even is significant because there was some movement twards the revolution which helped the revolution.
  • Red Aarmy Attacs

    Red Aarmy Attacs
    Red guards attacked the provisional government in petrograd. This event is important because we see how the red army reacted to the provisional government,m which hurt the revolusion by shooting peoples spirit down.
  • Five Year Plans

    Five Year Plans
    Stalin proposed first of several five year plans to modernize Russia by building up their industry. This event is important because we see how the Revolution takes the turn of being organizing it self and opening peoples eyes to being more educated by learning through Stalin.