Revoution timeline


  • The French taxes

    The French taxes
    The royal government increases taxes to pay the French debt. This help lead the French in to the revolution because only the poor andmiddle class people had to pay taxes not the rich people. As a result to this people were starving because they didnt have enough money to buy any food.
  • Limits the kings power

    Limits the kings power
    The constitution of 1791 limits the king's power and eliminates the absolute monarchy. This is important because the constitution limited the kings power which ment the king had less power. This was a good thing because he really didnt care about the peoples well being. He was more interested in his money that France did not have. Also the people got to speak up and tell people how they felt.
  • We all are equal

    We all are equal
    Insted of monsiur' , madame' and mademoisell; Frenchmen were to call each other citizen. This was important because everyone was concidered the same thing no matter if you were part of the low class or high class everybody was concidered equal.
  • Czar was at the frotlines

    Czar was at the frotlines
    Czar nicolas II went to the front lines during WWI to lead the Russian army. This was important because he thought it would have done good for everone, but it didnt becuase they had no food or gun ammuntion to do anything.
  • Abdicated his thrown

    Abdicated his thrown
    Czar Nicholas II abdicated. This was important because the russia believed he lacked the qualities of a leader, and many of the people were poor and hungry and blamed him. the turmoil of the country was on Nicholas's shoulders.
  • Lennin's death caused a power stuggle

    Lennin's death caused a power stuggle
    Lennin's sudden death results in a power struggle between Leon Trosky and Joseph Stalin. This is important because Trosky and Stalin have a power struggle because they both wanted power over the people. But Stalin ended up getting the power that Lennin had. Stalin killed alot of people when he was in charge.