revloutonary war

  • Period: to

    wa timeline

  • lexinton and concord

    battle- the winner of the battle was the british who overwemed the patreots and cased them to fall back to concord signifatence-it was the start of the war and the battle was for patroit saplies witch the british found the location and attcked it but the patrots found out of the attack befor this happend and then moved most of the sapleis to new locations
  • battel of bunker hill

    battle- the battle was for the hills saronding the city that had a bunch of collinel troops in it and if the british had taken it they would aslot the city and kill all of the collonels
    signifacence- the vitors the red coats had defeted the collonested and won the hill but lost meny men and meny more were wonded
  • battle of Dorchester Heihts

    battle- the battle took place on some of the hills and the stradigy worked and they won the hills but took meny casholteis
    signifacence-the battle was for a series of hills nere boston and its harber where meny british troops were coming from and it would help them take over boston
  • battle of saritoga

    winner patroits
    americen troops atteacked british
  • battle of yotk town

    winner patreots
    it wasent even a battle
  • tready of paris

    the trady was sighed to help stop the british