• People wanting seperation from english church come to new land

    Pilgrims/Puritans come to the new land trying to escape the english church.
  • MAssachusetts is colonized

    Massachusets in founded for religious purposes
  • Free Exercise Clasue added to First Amendment

  • Reynolds vs. United States

    What followed was perhaps the most extreme government assault on religious freedom
  • Court extends the Clause

    Court expands Clause to limit state laws and other state actions that burden religious exercise
  • Free Exercise Clause did not except an orthodox jew from sunday closing laws

  • Wisconsin vs. Yoder

    Amish families could not be punished for refusing to send their children to school beyond the age of 14
  • Hobby Lobby vs. Burwell

    Corporations controlled by religious families cannot be required to pay for contraceptive covereage for female workers.
  • EEOC vs. Abercrombie

    U.S. supreme court ruled that people cannot hire somebody due to their religion and the way they dress.