• Free Exercise Clause

    Added in First Amendment to protect religious freedom.
  • Reynolds v. United States

    Court decided that it can interfere with religious practices
  • Free Exercise Clause

    The clause was extended to limit government interference in religious practice.
  • Wisconsin v. Yoder

    Amish cannot be punished for not sending their children to school at age 14.

    Exempts some religiouns from laws if decided in court o be unjust.
  • Abercrombie

    A young muslim teenager was refused a job at the clothing store because her hed scarf clashed with the dress code of the store.
  • Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby

    Hobby Lobby won the court case about giving birth control t employees. This christian store said it goes against their religion. Women still advocate for rightd to birth control.
  • Abercrombie

    The young girl won the case because it violated her first amendment right.