Regina's Kingdom

  • Queen Regina

    In England, Queen Regina was the ruler. She had quite a different way of thinking than everyone else. She believed she was the one and only who was in control and she did not need assistance from anyone else.
  • A New King

    That was until then she met the love of her life, Michael. After a short amount of time, they got married. Luckily for Regina, Michael had the same way of thinking she did.
  • Totalitarian

    England was under a government known as totalitarian. Queen Regina and King Michael controlled all political and economic matters, but also everyone's attitudes, values, and religious beliefs. Everyone had no choice but to listen and obey the higher power.
  • A New Beginning

    Almost one year later, they had a dear princess they named Shy. Having a baby made everyone in England believe that maybe Queen Regina and King Michael would have a change of heart.
  • A New Queen

    Sadly, Queen Regina and King Michael then passed away. It was such a tragedy in England. But on Princess Shy's birthday, April 10th, she became the new Queen of England.
  • Trial of 1900

    Unlike her parents, Queen Shy believed that everyone had a right to believe what they wanted to believe and to have no one control that. This stirred up controversy considering some people believed Queen Regina and King Michael's legacy and beliefs should live on, and others believed that it was now in Queen Shy's hands. This eventually led to what was known as the Trial of 1900.
  • Ruler Act of 1900

    The Trial of 1900 lasted for only 4 days, with Queen Shy winning. This controversy then led to the Ruler Act of 1900. This document briefly stated that anyone who is in power, may it be a queen, king, princess, or prince, therefore has the right to change or alternate any rules that may be implied or expressed as long as they are in power.
  • A Change

    After that act, Queen Shy felt she was now officially in full power. She disliked the way her parents mistreated people and made them believe what they believed. She knew it was time for a change in England. She wanted to create a government in which her power was not to be taken for granted and also have her responsibilities and duties spelled out in written law.
  • Constitutional Monarchy

    On July 1st, Queen Shy officially declared England to be under a constitutional monarchy. This way, people's beliefs were not under control. Although Queen Shy was still considered the "higher power", she did not take advantage of that.