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  • Number of refugees that can be successfully integrated

    Number of refugees that can be successfully integrated
    The number of refugees that each community can integrate differ. It is evident that bigger communities can integrate a bigger amount of refugees. In my opinion our city, Kozani, could integrate a number of 5000 refugees in propotion to its residents.
  • A place for them

    A place for them
    It is obvious that we should offer refugees a shelter. A good idea would be to offer any vacant, abandonded houses in order to guarantee protection, warm, humane conditions. The NGOs and our donations would be used to pay the nominal rent.
  • Our action

    Our action
    It is imperative to aid refugees. On our part we could donate old clothes, toys for children, food, or we could also be volunteers and take part in NGOs. In addition, by organising school bazaars and charities we will have the opportunity to raise money which would benefit refugees.
  • School's action (1)

    School's action (1)
    Schools can also support the action plan. School has a primordial role to play in integrating refugees in the community. Providing refugee children with courses in Greek will make easier for them to communicate with other children. Do not forget that toddlers and young children can learn a new language with no difficulties. An in-class friendly environment will be useful given the fact that children will be confident, feeling part of the class.
  • School's action (2)

    School's action (2)
    Teachers should encourage students help refugees with homework whenever they can afford time or invite them in social activities, sports, parties etc. I would like to mention that this would be an opportunity to learn about other cultures, customs and make new friends. This would have a positive impact on both greek and refugees students.
  • Employers' action

    Employers' action
    Refugees can be used as a manpower in the fields or for seasonal jobs. Our city is famous for the production of saffron, so refugees would be used when manpower for its harvest would be needed . Many of them are proficient users of the English language and have potentials for a large number of jobs.
  • Potential benefits

    Potential benefits
    Integrating refugees in the community would benefit us all. First of all they will bring economic growth because they will spent their money in the local market. It is worth noting that we will embrace the difference, broaden up our horizons and last but not least we will take interest in the repercussions of the war.