• Period: to

    Reagan presidency

  • Reaganomics

    A policy a massive tax cut that would help the weathly. In return hoping it would slowly help the average americans.
  • supply-side econmics

    Idea that high taxes takes to much money from investors. If taxes were cut businesses could use tax money for new investments.
  • Program cutting

    The cutting of taxes in return meant the government would recieve less income. To control budget deficit Welfare, food stamps, school lunch, medicare, and loans were cut back to control deficit.
  • Strategic Defense Initiative

    Home protection calling for developement of weapons that could destroy incoming missiles and builing nuclear weapons.
  • Iran-Contra Scandal

    Provide arms illeagally to rebels in exchange for Americans hostage.
  • New leader

    Mikhail Gorbachev beacme Soviet Union leader and helped resume arms control talk. Which later endend up in the (IFN) treaty signing in 1987
  • Deregulation

    Reagan switched up the Supreme Court after Warren Burger retired. Reagan put in William Rehnquist and Atonin Scalia as conservative justice.
  • INF signing

    First treaty that called for destruction of nuclear weapons. Also creating the control of arms dealing.
  • oil policy

    Support dependence on foreign oil. Reagan wanted to be able to control oil market prices with a base price.
  • Aid to Afghan Rebels

    Aid to groups overthrowing communst power to gain allies and defeat Soviets. By 1988 Soviets agrre to withdraw from Afghan.