Readying log 2013


    GooseBumps is verry good freaky and scary but not for me
    my little sister and I raelly loves itis like our faviriot book.
    I like the part of the book thats says sometimes being a twin totally ROCKS,and sometimes its the pits.
  • Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix

    It's an interesting story
  • star wars

    this book is about when luke sky walkers dad becomes evil
  • goosebumps horrorland

    the main part of the story was that these two boys had escape from this house because this huse they were in was hunted
  • night of the living dummy

    there were these dummys surouding this girl was sleep walkin because the dummy blinked at her
  • percy jackson and the lighting thef

    percy jackson stole the lightning bolt from the thunder god
  • monster trucks

    monster trucks is about monster trucks big ones and small ones
  • electronical devise

    this book is about maing phones,tablets and much more
  • Hero's of Olympus

    Its a awesome story my faviriot part of the story is when the boy gose and look's for his sister and get's traped from the god's.
  • Tanaumaga the all time legend

    Tana is a great leader in rugby just like Jona lomu,sean Fitzpatrick,Buck Shellford and much more
  • seven Wonders

    jack mckinly is an ordenary boy with an extraordinary problem.