Reading History Timeline - Angie Dignard-Fung

  • Early Childhood (Age 0-5)

    Early Childhood (Age 0-5)
    Picture books and bedtime stories. My parents had a love for storytelling. They would often get picture books so I can learn association.
  • Kindergarten (Age 5-6)

    Kindergarten (Age 5-6)
    Learning basic phonics and the alphabet through reading activities. This was possible from early literacy instruction at school.
  • Elementary School Years (Age 6-12)

    Elementary School Years (Age 6-12)
    Joining the school library and discovering favorite book series.Influence: Teachers encouraging independent reading. We would have reading levels A-Z and I had a college reading level as a 4th grader.
  • Middle School Years (Age 12-14)

    Middle School Years (Age 12-14)
    Exploring different genres like fantasy and drama.
    I would have my friends recommend new books. I read a lot of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I liked to read a lot during this time and was also into greek mythology I read The Odyssey.
  • High School Years (Age 14-18)

    High School Years (Age 14-18)
    Engaging with classic literature and assigned readings.
    A lot of my readings were from our English literature curriculum. I read a lot of William Shakespeare's writings.
  • College (Age 18)

    College (Age 18)
    Diving into diverse texts for coursework and personal interest. I had a huge decline after High School due to burnout. Professors had a hand in guiding literary analysis.
  • Relearning Reading - Starting Over (Age 20)

    Relearning Reading - Starting Over (Age 20)
    Balancing leisure reading with professional development texts. Self-directed reading habits. I had to start with topics that I was interested in which happened to be movie adaptations. Can't say it was the most challenging literary work, but it did help build habits.
  • Online Reading Communities (Age 21)

    Online Reading Communities (Age 21)
    Joining book clubs and online forums (Reddit) for discussions. I was influenced by my older co-workers to join their book club and read a lot of romance novels. This helped me build a good relationship with reading again.
  • Change of Major - History (Age 22)

    Change of Major - History (Age 22)
    Delving into topics like science, history, and philosophy. I had to start reading a lot of non-fiction again. I read a lot about war and real-life events.
  • Present Day (Age 23+)

    Present Day (Age 23+)
    Embracing diverse literature and maintaining a lifelong passion for reading. Present-day me is all about continuous learning and personal enrichment. I try to balance school readings with personal enrichment.