The Effect of Reading on me

Timeline created by NFraser4860
  • Birth

    I was born in India and lived there for 9 years. I did not have much experience with reading and writing.
  • Going to formal structure school

    I was first put in 3rd grade and never put in kindergarten.
  • Moving to the U.S.

    Moving to the U.S.
    I First came to the United States, I had a very difficult time learning because I did not know English too much so the first few years of my living in the U.S was just learning language which my parents. They helped me with this process of learning to speak English but it took very long time to get hang of it.
  • Writing For the First Time

    Writing For the First Time
    Learned to write words and simple sentences such as names and dates also writing simple sentences with nouns and verbs.
  • Home School

    Home School
    First experience I was home schooled and learned to read many words, which was taught by my mom.I was home schooled for 16 years because there were no public school that would take us in and according to them I and my brother were below average to be in a public school. The public school told us that we would never learn enough to be good in there schools especially in reading and writing.
  • First time Learning Math and Numbers

    First time Learning Math and Numbers
    Learned about numbers and math problems. Learned the basic numbering system and adding and subtracting involved counting.
  • First time Reading on my own

    First time Reading on my own
    In 2005, my mom began to teach me how to read and write. It was a struggle but I pushed to become a better reader and writer. P.S Wright Brothers are one of my favorite people to read and they are my treasure.
  • Reading for Enjoyment

    Reading for Enjoyment
    This is were I really became a reader and my pleasure of books became my enjoyment. Today I read enjoyable books just because it is fun to read and for picking up new words and find a way to write a profound thoughts, because more you read the better you become at writing.
  • Moving to Maryland

    Moving to Maryland
    Taking English as a Second Language at HCC has helped me in understanding how our English language works. It has helped me to better understand others when they speak to me and I can respond using a complete sentences instead of just saying yes, no, ok, or maybe.
  • Enrolling in College

    Enrolling in College
    Going to College has really helped me in understanding writing and reading. I struggle in reading and understanding what I read which, I still have difficulty.
  • Education Classes

    Education Classes
    I have a passion and a desire to work with children. I feel compassionate towards them whenever I'm around children and want to show that same love which I received when I first came to the U.S.