• Reading To Class

    Reading To Class
    Read chapter to class, Ant lost the plot a little before getting it together and returning to the group. I was impressed with the way he calmed himself down and returned to the group. He was really mature and I think this was the biggest reflection of much he had grown up. Go Ant. Now they have decided not to go after the Poachers I'm not sure what is going to happen...perhaps they will stumble accross the poachers and save the day!!! Gooo Ant
  • NZ Herald

    NZ Herald
    Read many stories about the earthquake in Christchurch. Am going to check out room 9s Blog about the good the Bad and the ugly of this event.
    Room 9S Blog
  • The 10pm Question by Katie Di Goldi

    The 10pm Question by Katie Di Goldi
    This is a great book, I am really loving the characters. I have only just started, so far there is a boy who clearly has some sort of Autism he and his friend are very close and now a third person, a girl called Syndey has joined their group. I love the way Sydney is very direct in the way she asks questions. I wonder if this is where the book title comes from. I'm not sure where this book is heading!! I love the way the writer spends time developing characters though, the aunties are brilliant.
  • Jungle Fever

    Jungle Fever
    Spent 20 minutes reading script and song lyrics.
  • Poetry

    Read through some examples of poetry to develop poetry unit for Aotea. Found some really good examples. Remembered what an amazing poem stop all the clocks by W.H. Auden is.
  • Period: to

    Reading Log September

  • Student News

    Student News
    Read to Class
  • Poetry

    Read my poem to class. Enjoyed listening to student's poems.
  • Maths

    Maths, reading Mental Maths Test to Class. Key Vocabulary that was unknown included: Noon, and reminders about angles on a straight line rule.
  • Christchurch Earthquake

    Christchurch Earthquake
    Room 9 BlogRead Room 9's Blog about the good the bad and the ugly side of humanity in the face of the Christchurch Earthquake. Great comments from Melanie, Arahia and Karlie. Wrote my response too.
  • Inquiry

    Read through some teaching resources for inquiry learning. Some ggod material. Have reccommended it to the Principal.
  • Whats News

    Read news to class
  • Juggling With Mandarins

    Read the first chapter to the class. They know that Pip is not vvery good at football.