• The green eyed monster

    I read the hole book and it was about this girl and it was her brothers birthday and he got a bike and she wanted the bike and then she hat a dream and this monster came and the monster said to her go and ride your brothers bike so she did and the bike kept getting biger and bigger until she could not touch the pedals and then a great big hill came and at the bottem of the hill was a big rock and she could not stop and she broke the bike screamed and woke upand screamed and it was all a dream.
  • Suprises acording to Humphry

    I read 2 chapters it is about this hamster that thinks that aliens are invading him and his friend he is a class pet and he has a naibor called og the frog.
  • Suprises according to Humphrey

    I read suprises acording to humphry humphry is a hamster who is getting things all wrong he is trying to help his class mates they all have a problem.
  • Evil fred

    There is a familt that is very evil and someone gives them dog and they try to train him to be naughty but he trys to save them and then the dog saves a farmerslife and becomes a hero.
  • Horid Henry

    It is a book about this boy who is so naughty and everyone calls him horid Henry
  • Horid Henry and the underpants

    Horid henrys aunt think henry is a gir and his name is henreta and for his birthday he gets