rayshon microscopic time line

  • Jan 1, 1000

    first vision aid

    first vision aid
    This was called a reading stone and is a glass sphere that magnifiesd when laid on on top of reading material.
  • Jan 1, 1284

    eye glasses

    eye glasses
    Salvino D'Armate is credited for creating the first wearing glasses
  • dutch eye glass maker

    dutch eye glass maker
    Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans Janssen experimented with multiple lenses placed in a tube. The Janssens observed that viewed objects in front of the tube appeared greatly enlarged, creating both the forerunner of the compound microscope and the telescope.
  • microscpe lens

    microscpe lens
    Robert Hooke looked at a sliver of cork through a microscope lens and seen some pores or cells in it.
  • simple microscope

    simple microscope
    simple microscope was a good thing to people because it helped see small things that you would not be able to see when you stand a distan away it shows you more details
  • 18th century

    18th century
    Technical support to stop certain amount of light to come in and to improve mycroscopic and to reduce the cromatic and also better lenses
  • chromatic effect

    chromatic effect
    shows that his lens are weak and that they have to use diffrent lenses to make them weaker
  • Ernst Abbe,

    Ernst Abbe,
    wrotee a matheical formula called the Abbe's since condition A formula that calculate the microscopes
  • ultramicroscope

    studys object of the wavelenghth of light
  • electron microscope

    electron microscope
    This object shows all the electrons in the elements rather in the light.
  • phase-contrast microscope

    phase-contrast microscope
    This object allows diffrent colors to get in the lens and also allows people to view diffrent things in the camera
  • scanning tunneling microscope

    scanning tunneling microscope
    This object gives a three dimensional images of objects down to the atomic level