Pure Soul Promotional Plan – Miya Drifka

  • Coupons

    The coupon will allow people to buy one cup of any medium sized coffee and get the second one free. These coupons will be distributed through a link that we put on all of our social media for our followers to get access to. I chose to use this method because lots of people go on social media a lot. This will help improve the image of the restaurant because people will see that we care about our customers and our customer service.
  • Coupon Plans

    Coupon Plans
    All of our seasonal drinks will have a 25% discount. This is a good promotional strategy because it will make people want to buy or try out our seasonal drinks. This improves the image because it will make people want to come back and keep buying the drinks.
  • Incentives

    Anyone that purchases anything from our restaurant will automatically be entered in a contest/raffle where they could win a $100 gift card to the restaurant. This will help the restaurant because it will make the customers want to buy a coffee to try and win a fun raffle.
  • Traffic Builders

    Traffic Builders
    We will give a free bakery item to the first 200 customers that buy a coffee.This is a good strategy because it will cause people to come quickly to try and be in the first 200, and even if they aren't in the first 200, they will likely still buy a coffee. This will help to improve the image of the restaurant because it will make people want to keep coming in case we do another traffic builder
  • Product Samples

    Product Samples
    The product sample will be a small cup sized serving of whatever type of coffee that you want and you can get a little chunk of any bakery item as a sample size. The samples will be offered in a couple of the busiest places and a couple of the least busy places so that more people can buy coffee from both types of places. This will help us gain customers and get more people to at least try our coffee.