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Pure Soul Promotional Plan- Hannah Ubert

  • Period: to

    Pure Soul promotional Plan

  • Incentives

    whoever buys 30 dollors worth of coffee at the end of the month of Novemeber will be put into a raffle to win a Trip for 2 to Jamaica for a week. this promotional strategy will increase the image of the resturant because it drives people to buy more coffee so they are able to win a trip for 2 to jamaica.
  • Traffic Builders

    For the months of Novemeber and December the first 50 costumers to come in and buy coffee from Pure Soul will be put into a drawing for $500. Also will earn free cupcakes to go along with their coffee. This promotional stratgey will increase the image of the resturant because it will make the cosutmers want to go in fast to buy coffee
  • coupon plans

    coupon plans
    every month Pure Soul coffee will send out coupons to get 5% off there next coffee when they come into the coffee shop, You have to fill out an entry form first to apply for the coupons. I selected this form of promotional stratgey because a lot of people do use coupons and i feel like it would be a big hit if people came in and used there coupons for coffee, This promotional stratgey increases the image of the coffee shop because i think more people would come in if they had coupons.