Pure Soul Promotional Plan Drew Dahlman

Timeline created by Drew Dahlman
  • Coupon

    3 coupons for 10%, 15%, and 20% off of any size coffee.
  • Coupon Plan

    Coupon Plan
    We will have a hole punch system for people who buy a small coffee or better from us. After buying 7, they will get one free
  • Traffic Builder

    Traffic Builder
    We will reward customers with a free key chain for any purchase over 15 dollars. This will make them pay a few extra dollars because they will want the key chain with the Pure Soul logo.
  • Product Sample

    Product Sample
    A new type of coffee for the customer to try every week.
  • Sweepstakes

    A raffle with a customer entered with every purchase. There will be three 50$ gift cards given away