Pure Soul

  • Traffic Builder

    Everyone that comes into the store today will receive a free CD of their choice (under $5.00) with any purchase of $20.00 or more.
    This promotional stradegy will be a good way to get customers back into the store quickly. This will increase the image of the restaurant because it shows that we aren't selfish people.
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    Pure Soul Promotion

  • Coupon Plan

    With this coupon plan, customers will get one free coffee/smoothy/soda after the purchase of 10. This promotional stradegy will create constant repeat customers. This will increase the image because it really shows how much we still want our customers.
  • Incentive

    With this sweepstakes, everyone that makes a purchase will receive a scratch off card. Within the next 2 months, 1,000 people will win a Pure Soul T-shirt, 100 will win a concert ticket, 20 will win a Xbox One, and 1 lucky winner will get a free trip to Italy. This stradegy will improve the image by showing we have alot of money which might make people think our products have higher quality.