Pure Soul

  • Traffic Builders

    We will reopen our store using the traffic builder that the first 200 customers will receive a free appetizer or dessert with any meal. We selected this promotional strategy because since our restaurant was down for E.Coli we need to give the customers something free to attract attention and bring customers to our restaurant. This strategy will increase image of our restaurant because people will remember how good our food is (for free) and they will forget about the E.coli and come back!
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    Pure Soul

  • Coupons

    This coupon will allow customers to receive a drink or meal free with every meal or drink they order.
    These coupons will be distributed by goingvhouse to house putting the coupons in the mailbox. This method was chosen because it does not involve the customers coming to the restaurant first in order to receive the coupon.
    This promotional strategy will improve the image of the company because the customers will forget about the E.coli and enjoy the meal and come back again.
  • Coupon Plans

    This coupon plan will state that after 5 visits you will receive one free entree. This plan will be a good promotional strategy because our last few promotions have already attracted the customers and they hopefully like our food again so they will come back. This is the last step because it involves customers to revisit the restaurant and after its reopening it was not for sure if customers would return. This strategy will again remind customers of how good our food is, giving them a free meal