Psych 229 Timeline

  • Born

    The Five senses are there at birth, hearing develops during the last trimester of pregnancy, Vision is the least mature, and smell, taste, and touch all function at birth.
  • Period: to

    The First Two Years

  • Sitting up

    By 3 months old, most babies have sufficient muscle control to be lap sitters, with support from the parent.
  • Gross Motor Skills

    By 5 months babies become able to use their arms, then legs to inch forward on their bellies. They also develop some fine motor skills.
  • Sitting up.

    By 6 months old babies can sit unsupported.
  • Period: to


    Between 8 and 10 months after birth, most infants can lift their midsections and crawl.
  • Standing

    By 10 months babies can stand momentarily unsupported.
  • Walking

    By 12 months children can walk unassisted