Sexy Times

Timeline created by bamb
  • 1st? City Ordinance empowering board of health to register and inspect prosts

    St. Louis, Missouri
  • 1st (separate) Women's Reformatory founded in Indiana

  • Physicians first write of "American Plan"

  • 1890s Society for Prevention of Crime started in NY - one of 1st private organizations to do antiprost work

  • 1st Eugenics Sterilization Law Proposed - Michigan

  • Committee of Fifteen - antiprost group formed in NY to police immigrant/working class communities

    funded by John D Rockefeller Jr
  • 1st Eugenics Law Passes - Indiana

  • 1st Law allowing brothel closure by govt w/o charges brought or court (Iowa)

  • Mann Act

  • Section 79 of Inferior Courts Act AKA Page Law (NY) - any woman convicted of vagrancy/prost requires examination and if infected must be imprisoned & treated by state

  • Period: to

    Brothels Closing

  • Municipal Clinic opens in SF

  • CA 1st state to require physicians to report STIs to state and add G & S to list of diseases that need carriers to be quarantined

  • Hoke v US

    court rules congress cannot regulate prostitution per se (that is state jurisdiction) but congress CAN regulate interstate travel for it and other immoral purposes
  • CA passes Red Light Abatement Act

  • American Social Hygiene Association (ASHA) founded - lobby for antiprost laws, reporting by their investigators

  • Caminetti v US

    Mann Act encompasses other noncommercial sexual liaisons
  • 6+ states pass laws legalizing sterilization of "defectives" and "feeblemindedness"

  • Summer - Snow learns most soldier STIs originate at home

  • CTCA forms Commission on Training Camp Activists to control military recreation, suggest how to regulate/police

    April ?
  • Amendement to Section 12, 13 of Selective Service Act - sets radius and puts police in charge of vice repression

    CTCA & Council of National Defense
  • CA adapts rules to inspect, isolate w/o due process

    July (SF) - State Health Board and War Dept meeting on STIs, 7 resolutions to police, isolate prosts and "low women" // laws later adopted
  • Law Enforcement Division of CTCA created

  • Committee for Protective Work for Girls created by CTCA - all women group

  • Surgeon General tells states to quarantine infected & carriers, all arrested ppl must be tested, suppress prost

    Surgeon General Rupert Blue
  • US enters WWI

  • The American Plan officially enacted under Chamberlain-Kahn Act

    to combat the spread of venereal disease during WWI, govt given power to quarantine any women suspected of having an STI, military can arrest any women w/i 5 miles of military cantonment, medical examination required and if positive, can constitute proof of prostitution, by end of WWI 15,520 prosts imprisoned (est. 30,000 detained) see:
  • US Public Health Service publishes model law for states w/ 12 recommendations

    main things: mandated VD reporting, quarantine, prohibit treatment w/o prescription, spread of is unlawful, records secret unless you're a "menace", prost is a big source of VD
  • Section on Reformatories and Detention Houses created under Law Enforcement Division of CTCA

  • CPWG moved under Law Enforcement Division of CTCA

  • AG pushes attorneys for those suspected of lock up w/o trial

    AG Thomas Watt Gregory
  • Legislation like Section 79 re-passed in NY

  • Laws recommended enacted almost everywhere // by the end reporting and quarantine laws in 41 states

  • WWI ends

  • Period: to

    18,000 Women in federally funded institutions

  • Military takes back oversight of their recreational activists from CTCA

  • Testimony of Adrian, MI proves horrors of detention houses BUT instead of recognizing the problem, higher-ups thinks program needs to be harsher

  • Chamberlain-Kahn creates Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board to take over regulating undesirable women AND Division of VD

  • Act 272 of Public Health Bills AKA Dunn Bill in Michigan - mandatory reporting, investigation

  • "AP" term occurs in ASHA publication "Social Hygiene Bulletin"

  • Summer - CTCA investigators xfered to ISHB

  • Eight Point Plan

    War Department, the Navy, the Federal Security Agency, and state health departments crafted the Eight-Point Plan, a set of measures intended to curb the spread of STDs “in areas where armed forces or national-defense employees are concentrated.”
  • late 1930s, early 1940s

    military sex education campaigns - posters, pamphlets, films
    warned against prost, easy women
  • Social Protection Provision

    Govt created agency - goal: to combat prostitution in these(?military base?) areas, and appointed Eliot Ness, a Prohibition agent who had helped indict Al Capone, as its head