Project "Dr. Artemisa Jaramillo"

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  • Tixtla, Guerrero

    Tixtla, Guerrero
    "Cradle of illustrious men" Vicente Guerrero and Ignacio Manuel Altamirano.
    Place located in the center of the State of Guerrero, between Chilpancingo-Chilapa.
  • Birth

    Artemisa Jaramillo Galan was born on 12th, February, 1973 in Tixtla, Guerrero.
  • Padres

    Raised by family values, where she was taught to always help others.
  • Little Girl

    Little Girl
    From a very young age expressing herself and communicating with people was very easy.
  • School

    She participates in the national contest of the Children's Knowledge Olympiad that is held in Mexico for children in 6th grade of primary school in order to meet the president of the republic.
    As winner and representative of the public schools said the speech addressed to the governor of the state.
  • Think Ahead

    Think Ahead
    After giving the speech to Governor, she was convinced of her future, from that moment she began to work on it of her own free will.
    He said in an interview that "the doors of opportunity do not open by themselves, you have to open them and cross them."
  • Prodigy Girl

    Prodigy Girl
    When Artemis was 14 years old, she had already won about 30 awards in public speaking.
  • Work

    At age 14 he began to work on a political campaign, which consisted of giving speeches in different parts of the state
  • High School

    High School
    She studied in “CBTis 134” On Chilpancingo, Guerrero and specialized in administration technician with the highest average (10.0.)
  • Guerrero

    In Guerrero, Artemisa interacted with top-level political and social actors in projects that promoted the restructuring of public policies and institutions.
    She was part of the coordinating team for the State Reform in Guerrero, which saw important reforms such as gender equality
  • Univercity

    He did a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Universidad de las Américas- Puebla, Mexico.
  • Master's Degree

    Master's Degree
    Her desire to know how people related to other countries led her to obtain a Master of International Business from Northeastern University (Boston, USA).
  • Europe

    She continued to study the master's degree in Europe and obtained a PhD in Digital Behavior from Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland
  • Work Took her to Saudi Arabia

    Work Took her to Saudi Arabia
    Work in partnership with Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the world's largest women-only university with an enrollment of 60,000 students and 15 faculties.
  • Womens

    Helping women began in Guerrero and continued in Arabia.
    Artemisa supports and develops programs focused on women so that they can develop their talents and capacities as well as their sense of life.
  • Where are you going Artemisa?

    Where are you going Artemisa?
    Dr Jaramillo currently serves as Deputy Director and Associate Professor of Marketing, Innovation, and Technology, a degree program currently delivered by Dublin City.
    She is developing programs to make exchange between Mexico and Arabia.