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prohibition era

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  • Prohibition era starts

    Prohibition era starts
    Prohibition starts and drinking alcohol is illegal.
  • Temperance society

    Temperance society
    Boston area ministers founded the American Temperance Society (ATS).
  • Movements begin

    Movements begin
    Temperance Movements begin advocating for abstinence from alcohol.
  • Temperance society members

    Temperance society members
    American Temperance Society had 2,220 local chapters and 170,000 members.
  • Prohibition law

    Prohibition law
    The first prohibition law is passed in Maine
  • Maine prohibits alcohol

    Maine prohibits alcohol
    Maine was the second state in the history of America to attempt a statewide prohibition, and it turned out to be a major success. The first state was Georgia which prohibited alcohol over 100 years earlier and failed to last more than seven years.
  • 18th amendment

    18th amendment
    On January 29th, the 18th amendment is ratified by 36 states and goes into effect on the federal level.
  • Volstead Act

    Volstead Act
    On October 28th the Volstead Act passes the US Congress and establishes the enforcement of prohibition
  • Rise of the bootleggers

    Rise of the bootleggers
    The 1920s saw a large rise of bootleggers in major cities, including the 'World's Playground', Atlantic City, NJ. There was an increase in illegal alcohol trafficking and mob activities during the decade. Major bootleggers included Al Capone, Enoch Johnson, Joe Masseria, and Lucky Luciano
  • Capone's empire

    Capone's empire
    By the year 1929, Al Capone's gangs, bootleggers, and other illegal businesses were worth over $60 million.
  • St.Valentines Day Massacre

    St.Valentines Day Massacre
    The St. Valentine's Day Massacre remains the most notorious gangster killing of the Prohibition era. The massacre made Al Capone a national celebrity as well as brought him the unwanted attention of the federal government.
  • Herbert Hoover Speech

    Herbert Hoover Speech
    On August 11th, Herbert Hoover gave an acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination for president in which he discussed the ills of prohibition and the need for its end
  • End of Prohibition

    End of Prohibition
    On December 5th, prohibition is repealed with the 21st amendment.The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment, effectively ending the ban on alcohol in America. It is the only Amendment that repeals a previous Amendment.