progressive timeline swanger american history

  • us forest service

    helped aid in the preservation of the enviorment
  • pure food and drug act

    act passeed to improve quality of food products and medicine
  • meat inspection act

    required inspection for all packaged meat
  • muller vs orgen

    gave state right to limit women work hours
  • hepburn act

    gave govt. right to set max railroad shipping rates
  • 17th amendment

    elimnated the corruption of govt.
  • 16th amenment

    gave govf. right to tax from wherever they want
  • federal reserve act

    helped elminate national debt
  • clayton anti-trust act

    made it harder to create trusts and monopolies
  • national park service

    group created to protect national forests
  • child labor act

    act passed to keep children out of coal mines
  • 18th amendment

    illegalized the sellin making and consumption of alcohol.
  • 19th amendment

    gave women the right to vote