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Progressive Moment Period 3

By ehleeah
  • Constitution of the National Woman Suffrage Association

    Constitution of the National Woman Suffrage Association
    Its object shall be to secure the Ballot to the women of the nation on equal terms with men.Any citizen favoring this object, would pay the amount of one dollar annually into the treasury. Also will be considered a member of the Association, and no other shall be entitled to vote in its deliberations.Woman's Suffrage Association may become auxillary to the National Association by its officers becoming members of the Parent Association
  • Women's Suffrage Movement

    Women's Suffrage Movement
    In 1848 Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott decided the time was right to hold the first women's rights convention, and that is where they would discuss rights and also social conditions of the day. The conventiion was Held in Seneca Falls , New York , on July 19 and 20, 1848, the convention was attended by 300 people, including 40 men. Although the goal of the suffrage movement was to secure the right to vote, the movement itself was not unified.
  • Breaking Trust and Monopolies

    Breaking Trust and Monopolies
    In 1890, the United States took action against the ever-increasing numbers of business trusts and the abusive business. Practices that often characterized large concentrations of capital, the nation was faced with the choice of choosing between two quite different approaches to the problem. The government, however, was not initially motivated to enforce the antitrust law. Defenders of the trusts pointed out that such combinations actually benefited the nation.
  • Muckracker

    Muckraking was the result of two related phenomena in the early twentieth century.The Industrial Revolution, in the United States ,created hundreds of thousands of much-needed jobs in the last half of the nineteenth century. Working conditions in factories and industry were unsafe and grueling.Working conditions in factories and industry were unsafe and grueling. The rest of society was either unaware or simply did not understand the degree of suffering imposed on workers.
  • Referendums

    Progressive reforms began with the creation of the federal civil service system with the Pendleton Act of 1883.The goal of these reforms was to wrest political control away from centralized and strong political parties and return democracy to the people. For legislative, nonconstitutional referendums, California requires that the measure, with valid signatures equal in number to 5 percent of all votes cast in the previous gubernatorial contest, be presented to the secretary of state within nine
  • Nineteenth Amendment

    Nineteenth Amendment
    The Women's Right To Vote.
    At the time of its finding the United States prohibited women from voting in public elections. Wyoming became the first state since New Jersey to grant women full enfranchisement in its constitution. By 1910 almost eight million women entered the workforce which was dominated by men.