Progressive Era Timelind

  • City Management

    A reform innovation that was established in Galveston, Texas in 1900. This was important and impacted American Society because people were not taking care of their cities at this time and the City management programs would help put some one in charge of making sure that the cities were looked after.
  • Mckinly Assasinated - T. Roosevelt in Office

    Mckinly was assainated in 1901 that then put Theodore Roosevelt into office. This impacted all of American society at the time not only because the president was assasinated but the president that was taking over office was one that was smart and ready to make big and important changes.
  • The Socialist Party

    The socialist Party is established in 1901 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was the merge between Social Democratic Party of America and the Socialist Labor Party. This Political Party is where people like Eugene V. Debs were able to make their voice heard in the government.
  • Booker T. Washington In White House

    Theodore Roosevelt invited black Educater Booker T. Washington into the white house during his presidency in 1901. This was a very controversial move especially during this time in our country's history. This showed not only the black people in America that they could be something in society but it also proved to whites.
  • The Wright Brothers

    The Wright Brothers are the first to fly. This new way of transportation was completely changed the way that people thought about transportation. The first passenger flight took place in 1908 and it proved that people could move by air.
  • Ford Motor Company

    The Ford Motor Company was established in 1903 that became became one of the biggest names in automobile industry. This impacted society because we were starting to make cars that the average person could buy and use. Our country and industry was moving.
  • Meat Inspection/Pure Food and Drug Acts

    Passed by Teddy Roosevelt, these Acts were jumpstarted by the book The Jungle. They impacted society because they help keep sanity and healthy food in packing plants and other places that made and distibuted food.
  • The Hepburn Act

    This act was passed to strengthen the interstate commerce commision. This allowed the Government to have more control on the railroad systems. This impacted society because it help the average people deal with the railroad system.
  • 16th Amendment

    The 16th Amendment is made to the constitution giving the government the right to collect income tax. This impacts the American people because they are now being taxed on not only goods but they are also giving a certain amount of their imcome back to the government too.
  • 19th Amendment

    Women's sufferage was amended to the constitution, women were now able to vote and have a say in what goes on in their country's government. This is important in American history because this was one of the more rights that women of America were pushing to be given.