Programming Languages

  • Plankalkul

    Developed by: Konrad Zuse
    Purpose: Engineering
    Name: German for "Plan Calculus"
  • Fortran

    Developed by: John Backus
    Purpose: Numeric Computation/Scientific Computing/General-purpose
    Name: FORmula TRANslation

    Developed by: Grace Hopper/Charles Katz
    Purpose: Algebraic Equations/Arithmetic
    Name: N/A
  • Lisp

    Developed by: John McCarthy
    Purpose: Artificial Intelligence research, mathematical notation
    Name: LISt Processor

    Developed by: Howard Bromberg/Howard Discount/Vernon Reeves/Jean E. Sammet/William Selden/Gertrude Tierney
    Purpose: Business use
    Name: Common Business-Oriented Language
  • RPG

    Developed by: IBM
    Purpose: High-level Business Use
    Name: Report Program Generator

    Developed by: John G. Kemeny/Thomas E. Kurtz
    Purpose: General-purpose
    Name: Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  • Logo

    Developed by: Wally Feurzeig/Seymour Papert
    Purpose: Education
    Name: The Greek "logos", meaning word/thought
  • B

    Developed by: Ken Thompson/Dennis Ritchie
    Purpose: System and Language Software/Machine Independent Applications
    Name: N/A
  • Pascal

    Developed by: Niklaus Wirth
    Purpose: Encouraging cleaner programming
    Name: In honor of Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician/philosopher
  • C

    Developed by: Dennis Ritchie/Bell Labs
    Purpose: General-purpose
    Name: N/A
  • ML

    Designed by: Robin Milner/Members of the University of Edinburgh
    Purpose: General-purpose
    Name: MetaLanguage
  • SQL

    Developed by: Donald D. Chamberlin/Raymond F. Boyce
    Purpose: Managing Data
    Name: Structured Query Language
  • ADA

    Developed by: Jean Ichbiah
    Purpose: Large applications/Embedded Systems
    Name: Based off of Ada Lovelace, known as the "world's first programmer"
  • C++

    Developed by: Bjarne Stroustrup
    Purpose: General-purpose
    Name: N/A
  • Visual Basic

    Developed by: Microsoft
    Purpose: User Interface development with graphical assistance
  • Python

    Developed by: Guido van Rossum
    Purpose: High-level General-purpose
    Name: Reference to Monty Python's Flying Circus
  • PHP

    Developed by: Rasmus Lerdorf
    Purpose: Server-side scripting/General-purpose
    Name: Personal Home Page/PHP: Hypertext Processor
  • Java

    Developed by: James Gosling
    Purpose: General-purpose
    Name: Based off of the coffee of the same name
  • JavaScript

    Developed by: Brendan Eich
    Purpose: Internet content
    Name: Confused for regular Java
  • Delphi

    Developed by: Embarcadero Technologies
    Purpose: Application Development
    Name: Codename for development