Presidents From Lincoln To Hoover

By zacoon
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    During President Lincoln's term, Lincoln achived many important goals. Lincoln First passed the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st, which freed slaves only in rebellion. Later, the 13th amendmant was passed, which freed all slaves. Finally, Lincoln passed the Homestead Act, which allowed people to live on a piece of land for five years, and improve its condition, to own that piece of land.
  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson
    During Andrew Johnson's presidency, Johnson started reconstuction of the United States after the Civil War. Jpohnson was then abler to purchase Alaska, which was the last state to be added to th U.S. He finally ratified the 14th amendment as well, which gave citizenship to all native born Americans, excluding American Indians
  • Ulysses S. Grant

    Ulysses S. Grant
    During President Grant's presidency, Grant continued reconstruction of the country. He was aslo able to finish the first transcontiental railroad before his term ended. Ulysses also passed the fifthteenth amendment which prohibited th denial of suffrage.
  • Chester Arthur

    Chester Arthur
    During the 1880s, Mr. Arthur Supported the Chinnesse Exclusion Act of 1882. Chester also supported th Pendleton Act which required people taken into office to take a test. Prestident Arthur was also a huge union reformer.
  • Grover Cleveland

    Grover Cleveland
    During Cleveland's term, Graver Cleveland doubled the number of federal jobs. President Cleveland also had to deal with the Panic of 1893. Finally, he ended the third party system.
  • William McKinley

    William McKinley
    During McKinley's term, William McKinley anexxed Hawaii into the United States. Also, President Mckinley reformed the Civil Administation. Finally, McKinley placed the US on a gold standard.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    In his term, Theidore Roosevelt issued a collary to the Monroe Doctrie. President Roosevelt also made a squre deal for all men. Finally, Roosevelt organized the first volunteer calvary.
  • Woodrow Wilson

    Woodrow Wilson
    In his term, Woodrow Wilson passed the Federal Reserve Act, which improved the banking system.He also established an eight-hour work day. Finally, Wilson brought our country into WWI.
  • Calvin Coolidge

    Calvin Coolidge
    In Calvin Coolidge's term, he lowered the income tax rates adn eliminated taxation for nearly two million people. Then, he also granted citizenship to all American Indians. Finally, he regulated the Federal Radio Commission.
  • Herbet Hoover

    Herbet Hoover
    In President Hoovers term, he pushed the Tariff and Farm subidy Bills pass through congress. Secondly, he orgnized a group of detectives to get gangsters of the streets. Finally, he cancelled Private Oil Leases on Government Lands.