• 2012 election

    2012 election
    Obama wins with 332 electoral votes with over 50% of the popular vote. beating the 2nd place opponent, Romney, by 125 electoral votes.
  • Obama is inaugurated

    Obama is inaugurated in January to begin his 4 year term.
  • President Obamas State of the Union Address

    President Obamas State of the Union Address
    Covering long term plans, this was Obamas first plan addressing congress.
    (President Barack Obama, flanked by Joe Biden and House speaker John Boehner, delivers his state of the union address. Photograph: Charles Dharapak/AP)
  • Trip to the middle east

    President Obama takes a trip to the middle east to meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials.
  • Government shutdown

    For the first time in 17 years, the government shuts down.
  • Government re-opens

    The government re opens after 16 days of being closed
  • President Obamas 2nd State of the Union Address

    Discussed things such as minimum wage increases and health care improvements.
  • Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order

    The monitoring of federal contracts valued above 500,000 dollars.
  • Meeting with Mexican officials

    Meeting with Mexican officials
    Obama meets with the President of Mexico.
  • President Obamas 3rd State of the Union Address

    covered the recent economic stability and the war on terror.
  • Trip to India

    Trip to India
    Obama and Mrs. Obama visit India and they meet the Indian Prime Minister.
  • Supreme court ruling on same sex marriage

    The supreme court ruled that the right to marry is granted to all citizens regardless of gender
  • President Obamas 4th State of the Union Address

    This address more so worked as a synopses on their previous addresses.
  • 2016 Election day

    2016 Election day
    The 2016 election takes place, later results in Donald Trump winning
  • President Obama Leaves Office

    Obama leaves office with his 2nd term being over.