• Ronald Reagan was borm

    Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico Flordia his parents were jhon edwards and nelle reagan he kept his mothers maiden name
  • Reagan marries actress Jane Wyman

  • October 22, 1952Daughter Patricia (Patti) is born

  • ronald reagan gets married

    ronald reagan marries nanccy davis
  • May 28, 1958Son Ronald Prescott (Ron) is born

  • ronald reagan is governer

    ronald reagan is the governer of california from 1965 to1975
  • 1970Reagan wins re-election as governor, beating the leader of the California Assembly, Democrat Jesse Unruh. He calls welfare the biggest single outlay of public funds at the federal, state, and local levels of government. He will have to negotiate with

  • August 9, 1974Under the threat of impeachment, Nixon resigns; Ford becomes president

  • August 6, 1974A longtime Nixon defender, Reagan admits Nixon deceived the country.

  • August 11, 1971California legislature enacts a compromise welfare reform. The resulting law and the process which brought it about are widely regarded as a success.1972