Presidential Selecton Process

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  • Campaigning and Fundraising

    Campaigning and Fundraising
    When you campaign, you are asking voters to pick you to represent your party and to have you go to the election for president. In order to campaign, you need to raise funds to have money.
  • Caucauses and Primaries

    Caucauses and Primaries
    Prty members vote for the person they see best fit to represent their party in the general election. Open Primaries: Open to the public;Voters are allowed to cross party lines and vote in either primary. Semi-Open: Voter cannot cross party lines, and must vote for who is in their party. Closed: Reserved for people in their certain party. Keeps voters out that have bad/evil motives. there is less chance that opposing voters will vote for a weaker candidate.
  • Caucauses and Primarites 2

    Caucauses and Primarites 2
    Run-Off: takes place when no one candidate within the parties receives a majority of the vote. Second vote takes place, and no party affiliation is required. Caucus: requires more time than a primary. They go to town halls, and get elected by their state delegates, where they go to the national convention and get elected there. Not a primary. Blanket: type of primary where voters can vote for whoever they please. Nonpartisan: type of primary where candidates arent identified by their party.
  • Political Party Conventions

    Political Party Conventions
    In these conventions, (republican, democrat) the nominee for president of those parties are announced. Then there is a speech about what they plan to do for the country and how they're going to do it. Usually very exciting.
  • Election Day

    Election Day
    People vote for their party candidates and hope they win!
  • Vote of the Electoral College

    Vote of the Electoral College
    After all votes from each state are in, the electoral college chooses who they want to pick, based off majority vote of their state. However they dont have to agree to that rule.