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  • Kenedy : His religion

    Kenedy : His religion
    There was a controversy about Kenedy because he was catholic, people thought that he might add catholic taught ideas into his political decisions. Kenedy answered that question with a speech stating basically that he would not be mixing religion the way he makes political decisions. I suppose though that some critics may have other thoughts about that.
    votes: yes: 78 no: 10
  • Kennedy's New Frontier Legislation.

    Kennedy's New Frontier Legislation.
    "[W]e stand today on the edge of a New Frontier -— the frontier of 1960s, the frontier of unknown opportunities and perils, the frontier of unfilled hopes and unfilled threats. ... Beyond that frontier are uncharted areas of science and space, unsolved problems of peace and war, unconquered problems of ignorance and prejudice, unanswered questions of poverty and surplus." Kennedy was the first to make a move for equal rights for everyone no matter what race they were he wanted no discrimination.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis (The Brinkmanship)

    Cuban Missile Crisis (The Brinkmanship)
    Kenedy was faced with the fact that Cuba had missiles pointing towards our country.If he declared war on them it might turn into a neclear war. If we didnt do anything they could just fire the missils off and we would not be prepared. So Kenedy told Cuba that we had air assults ready over the missle sites and they then removed them and Kenedy promised that we would never invade Cuba.
  • Domestic Affairs-Votes: Aproving (77%) Dissaproving(2%) Unsure(19%)

     Domestic Affairs-Votes: Aproving (77%) Dissaproving(2%) Unsure(19%)
    Lydon B. Johnsons domestic policy plan was known as the "Great Society." It was not fully bullet proof but he was the first one to make a move about these issues. His plan established Medicare(a federal healthcare system for people over 65 and for young people with disabilities) and Medicade(federal healthcare for people that need financial aid). The plan also inclued conserving the environment, improving the education systems, and eradicating povery.
  • Kenedy: Civil Rights

    Kenedy: Civil Rights
    Kenedy formed a march for the purpose of passing the civil rights bill. This bill would give equal jobs and freedom to everyone. It was just a push to help the issue get better but it sure did help because thousands of people showed up to march,
    Votes: yes: 60 no: 27
  • Foreign affairs - Votes: Aproving (76%) Dissaproving(5%) Unsure(17%)

    Foreign affairs - Votes: Aproving (76%) Dissaproving(5%) Unsure(17%)
    Lydon B. Johnsons forien issues consisted of sending roughly 500,000 troops to Vietnam and spending a load of the budjet on equiptment for them while they were over there. Johnson passed Civil Rights Act of 1964 which outlawed racisim on African Americans and women. He also passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which pushed to stop discrimination on African Americans who want to vote.
  • Legislative - Votes: Aproving (17%) Dissaproving(15%) Unsure(13%)

    Legislative - Votes: Aproving (17%) Dissaproving(15%) Unsure(13%)
    Lyndon B. Johnson didnt have many legislative issues on his time card for president. One that he did have involved him putting a numerous amount of troops into the Vietnam war. He was under a huge amout of stress and it was a bad move acording to everyone at the time but to Johnson something made sence. He put so many soildiers there because he thought it was the right thing to do for our country. Everyone reacted terribally and started to dilike him; they forgot all the good things he did do.
  • Controversial issue

    Controversial issue
    Lyndon B Johnsons controversial issue is the same thing as the legislative issue. This is becssue the Vietnam War was such a big and confusing issue. Johnson didnt like the fighting but that is what the war brought it was also extremely expensive on our budget coasts for war.
  • Nixon : US space program

    Nixon : US space program
    Nixon threathened to stop funding NASA because it was very expensive and they weren't even doing what they said they would(send people to the moon.) So when NASA heard that they sent Apollo 11 and Nixon approved of a 5 year program NASA wanted to have.
    voting: yes:58 no:18
  • Richard Nixon : China

    Richard Nixon : China
    Nixon visited China to talk to the man in charge there and to talk about issues occuring around the world with him. It was a good meeting and the Chinese premier (mao) said to his doctor after meeting Nixon he felt better and more highly of him.
    votes: yes:52 no:36
  • Watergate scandel

    Watergate scandel
    At the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC where the Democratic party headquarters was located was broken into by burgalers who were trying to find secret info and even bug the place. Nixon had ties with the people who broke in but instead of admitting to that he blammed it on his administration. Resulting in a down fall in his presidential career.
    Votes: yes: 53 no : 36
  • Nixon: Economy

    Nixon: Economy
    Nixon saw that inflamation was returning so therefore he thought to bring about price controls. This made matters worse and he was not favored by cunsumors at grocery stores or farmers.
    votes: yes: 47 no: 40
  • Bush: Hurricane Katrina

    Bush: Hurricane Katrina
    Geroge Bush was well aware of the hurrican Katrina happening in New Orleans but instead of making it his top priority he was riding a bike on vacation. Bush didnt prepare help befor he left either because we were 8000 helpers short because they were all in Iraq fighting. All the supplies that would have been needed were there as well. Many people believe that Bush could have helped a lot more then this.
    Votes : yes :39 no : 57
  • Bush: Stem Cell research veto

    Bush: Stem Cell research veto
    George W Bush said that he supported adult stem cell research, So when he enabled the bills for them one agency wanted funds to support new ways of stem cell research. He vetoed that bill and stated that he would only support stem cell if it was used for research where stem cells are derived from the destruction of an embryo.
    Votes: yes:37 no :60
  • Bush: September 11th

    Bush: September 11th
    On the Septemer 11th attack Bush had to take charge of things because everything was falling appart. He went to ground zero to meet the mayor and made it clear to everyone that was there that the people who did this where going to be caught and that it would be contolled and okay.
    Votes : yes: 44 no: 51
  • Bush: Education and heath

    Bush: Education and heath
    Bush vetoed State Childres Health Insurance Program. If he did not Cigerete Tax would have been raised to fund the program. With the veto it helps families who financially dont need help.
    Votes: yes: 38 no: 58
  • Obama: Economic Reform

    Obama: Economic Reform
    Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment act of 2009.
    Votes: Yes: 62 No: 25
  • Obama: The gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

    Obama: The gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
    Obama visited the Gulf and investigated on it the people there were upset though becasue they expected more involvment from Obama and the Federal Government.
    Votes: Yes: 49 no: 46
  • Lybia

    Obama sent air strikes to abolish the Lybian air defences advantages to protect the civilians. Many people questioned weather Obama could send the military to do this.
    Vote: Yes: 51 No:42
  • Obama: Abortion

    Obama: Abortion
    This is a controversy because Obama is Pro-chiose but his reasoning for it is questionable. It could either be so the government does not have any say in weather a women should have an abortion. Or he just believes that aborting the baby shou;d automatically be an option.
    Votes: Yes: 38 No: 54