Abraham Lincoln

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  • Birth

    Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809. His parents were Thomas Lincoln, and Nancy Hanks.
  • Mothers death

    Nancy Lincoln died October 5, 1818 of Milk sickness.
  • Sisters death

    Sarah Lincoln dies January 20, 1828 during child birth.
  • Education

    Lincoln grew up in Kentucky, and Everything that he learned how to do was either from his mother and father or him finding out himself he didn't grow up in a school.
  • Employment

    Lincoln's first job was a boatman, then a store clerk, then a surveyor, then militia soldier, and then he became a lawyer in Illinois.
  • Family

    His spouse was Mary Lincoln, He had 4 kids, Robert, William, Edward, and Tad. Thomas Lincoln was his father, and Nancy Lincoln was his mother.
  • Presidency

  • Politics

    Lincoln was then enlisted in the National Union Party (Republican party.)
  • Death

    President Lincoln died April 14, 1865 at around 10 P.M. John wicks booth was the man who assassinated Lincoln at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C.
  • Legacy

    Lincoln had a huge impact on the world today. He helped free slaves, and he helped save the union. With out President Lincoln the world that we live in would be a lot different.