• The GerminalStage two weeks after conception.

    The GerminalStage two weeks after conception.
    The eggs travels toward the uterus where it becomes implanted in the uterus wall, before the end of this first two weeks the organism is made up of 150 cells and they become increasinly specialized. creating the placenta to provide the fetus nourishment and oxygen via the umbilical cord.
  • Two months after conception

    Two months after conception
    The Embryonic stage, starts after two weeks of conception and is at this time when the embryonic develops three layers to form a different set of structures as development preoceeds. The first layers called the Ectoderm: is the skin, sense organs, brain, spinal cord. Followed by what we called, Endoderm: digestive system, liver, respiratory system. And the third one is the Mesoderm: muscles, blood and circulatory system.By the end of this stage the embryo is 1 inch long.
  • The Fetal Stage at Five months after conception

    At this stage the fetus is about 20 times bigger in lenght, the fetus head is about one forth of its total size, the fetus can kick through the mother's skin, it also can have hiccus, clenches its fist, open and closes its eyes, and sucks its fingers or thumb. Also the brain grows rapidly and more complex.
  • Seven months after conception

    Seven months after conception
    The fetus weight is three pounds.The fetus becomes increasingly active and it changes positions frequently. The fetus can hear and feel the vibrations of sound to which it is exposed.