Pregnancy overtime

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  • conception-month 1

    conception-month 1
    It all begins in the third week after your last menstrual period. The egg cell is fertilized by a sperm cell in the Fallopian tube. You will experience symptoms that will lead into the fist trimester. Like you may be nauseous in this time. There might be a small amount of bleeding from your body thinking the baby is something tht shouldnt be there.
  • Month 1

    Month 1
    Some women dont even know they are pregnant in the first month. A harmone is realsed in your body the first few weeks of pregnancy. You will have lots of symtoms like your breasts can be tender. This first month is the highest for a miscarage. Ectopic is also high in this stage.
  • Month 2

    Month 2
    The moms uterus is expanding and is putting pressure on your blatter making you need to pee more often. If you havnt started it you could also have morning sickness too. The baby is starting to take form and is calld an embryo. Its making over 1 million new cells every minute to form the baby.
  • Month 3

    Month 3
    The bay is now called a fetus in this stage of developement. It will grow more and make the mother grow more tired. The baby will have grown started to grow musles, arms, nails, and bones. Dissyness and headaches are prone at this time.
  • Month 4

    Month 4
    Chances of miscarring have decreased signifigaantly. The baby is starting to grow hair in this stage. Morning sickness has usally gone away by now. At the end of this month you can expect to feel the baby move.
  • Month 5

    Month 5
    The babies bones have gron by now and can move and also make facial expresions. The mother should be able to feel the kicks and turns by now. The mothers will start to have aches in her abdomen and her feet and ankels will start to swell.
  • Month 6

    Month 6
    The baby is nearly fully formed but the organs still need a little more time to develope in the womb. Back aches and foot cramps will have become familair. Sometimes your feet will grow. Heartburn and indigestion are common.Strech marks start to become more noticeable.
  • Month 7

    Month 7
    The babies lungs are begining to function and the hearing is fully developed. The baby can now cry and open its eyes. The belly button of the mother can have changed from an innie to an outie. She may feel shortness of breath and trouble sleeping.
  • Month 8

    Month 8
    Bending over and tying of the shoes is challenging for the mother. The babies body is pretty much completely formed. The lungs and the brain still need sometime to develope. At this stage you are gaining roughly about a pound a week.
  • Month 9

    Month 9
    The brain is continuling to grow and develope. The baby can blink, grasp, and turn its head at this stage. And the baby has dropped meaning it is sitting on the mothers pelvis making it hard to sit or get out of a chair. Making the mother not be able to sleep that much from being uncomforatable.