Erasmus darwin

Pre-Darwinian and modern evolution

  • 350


    Scala Nature-Gret Chain of Being-All living things in a heirarchy, plants on bottom humans on top
  • 500


    Life started in the sea and moved to land
  • 520


    Life started as slime at bottom of ocean.
  • Jan 19, 1300


    Everything is formed without changing because of divine will.Spontanous generation can happen. Living things formed from inorganic matter.
  • James Ussher

    James Ussher
    Fixed date of creation as 4004b.c
  • Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes
    Formulated the laws of nature
  • John Ray

    John Ray
    Developed catagories of species
  • Carolus Linnaeus

    Carolus Linnaeus
    Believed divine will but created first hybridazed plants
  • Comte Buffon

    Comte Buffon
    Life forms are not fixed
  • Pierre Moreu-de Maupertuis

    Pierre Moreu-de Maupertuis
    Systeme de la Nature-Theory of the nature of heredity
  • Charles Bonnet

    Charles Bonnet
    philosophical paalingesis- catastrophies changed the evolution of organisms.
  • Immandel Kant

    Immandel Kant
    Organisims came from single ancestral source
  • James Hutton

    Improved traits could be passed to ofspring, but would not create a new speciess.
  • Erasmus Darwin

    Erasmus Darwin
    Life has one common ancestor
  • Jean-baptiste Lamarck

    Jean-baptiste Lamarck
    Inheritance of acquired characteristics-man could pass all characteristics he acquired onto offspring
  • George Cuvier

    George Cuvier
    Catastrophisim- Natural disasters created and ended species
  • Willaim Charles Wells

    Willaim Charles Wells
    Natural selection was the result of differnt skin colors in people
  • William Whewell

    William Whewell
    History of the Inducttive Sciences-From earliest to the present time- species do not transition from one to another
  • Louis Agassiz

    Louis Agassiz
    Essay on Classification-Any theory that ignored design was wrong
  • Charles Lyell

    Charles Lyell
    Proved catastrophisim wrong. -Uniformitarianism-the present is the key to understanding the past
  • creationism

    God created all living things in mature form