Post WWII Timeline Events

  • G.I. Bill

    G.I. Bill
    The G.I. bill was an act or bill that was passed to help the WWII veterans low interest rates on houses and other things. It was a way to help the WWII veterans out and serve as a way for thanking them for all the hard work that they did during the war. they would have there college tuition paid for, they were given business loans. This is still in act to this day and contributes to all the veterans that serve in the war and protect the people of the United States.
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    Cold War

  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    The Truman Doctrine Written by Harry S. Truman. He wrote this Doctrine because he wanted to stop the spread of Communism, as well as stopping communism the Doctrine would also provide economic and military aid, to the people of the U.S. IT would help other countries fight against communism. They wanted to especially help the war torn country of Europe. The Doctrine was supposed to counter Soviet geopolitical expansion, during the Cold War. It also had the job to contain the threats of countries
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    Stalin was upset and didn't like capitalism in Germany, so he decided to seal off the border. In which he made the Berlin Wall, and would divide Berlin into 4 military zones. The U.S. and British saw this and decided to help the people, and supplied West Berlin with air shipments. They shipped tons of supplies everyday, this would last almost a year until Stalin decided to give up, and the people reopened the border. The airlift is what kept the people alive and supplied them of what they needed
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    The Marshall plan was created by George Marshall. And the plan was to send tons and tons of loans over to Western Europe to help them get back on there feet. And by the U.S. doing this act this would restore the faith in capitalism and convince others that capitalism is the best form of government and believe in capitalism. And other things that America would do for Europe was send American Labor, farming, and manufacturing practices over to Europe to teach them how to do things for themselves.
  • Fair Deal

    Fair Deal
    This new deal was added under Truman, this deal would help with Health care,public housing for the people, education and public works, all was meant to help the people. It would also introduce minimum wage for the people, electricity, and telephones this deal was meant to help the people. but the scales would start to back because of Korea, all because of the anti communist agenda that Korea had in plan. We needed bi Parisian support. Truman would fight really hard for this New Deal
  • Beat Generation

    Beat Generation
    The Beat generation had to do with the kids of the baby boomers, they would go by beats, or beatniks. They were artist, novelist, and poets, they would reject american materialism and culture. They also rejected home ownership, careers, and marriages. They were for individual freedoms and pleasure, drugs and sex. They were also called proto-hippies, they were also for the foundation of war protest. they would borrow slang from the black community. And Jackson Pollock was a expression.
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    Civil Rights

  • North Invades South

    North Invades South
    So North Korea was about to invade South Korea the leader of the North was Kim Il-sung but as a bonus the leader of the soviets Stalin supported North Korea and there plans of action. Stalin wanted the Dispersion of U.S. resources. So how the war started with a surprise attack from the North, they would take Seoul while the allies were forced to the edge of Korea, Truman saw this and would call in more troops, and as well as the U.N. international force to help. But most support was American.
  • Truman Vs McArthur

    Truman Vs McArthur
    During the War there were two people that had ideas of putting this war to an end Truman and McArthur, Truman was for peace in which he wanted peace and the 38th parallel border. While McArthur on the other hand wanted Atomic weapons to nuke them out and end this quickly. McArthur would go public with his solution to the problem, but Truman put a stop to McArthur and fired him. But after McArthur got fired he became more famous while Truman on the other hand got very unpopular and was hated.
  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley
    This man would be the one to make rock and roll a phenomenon, he was born extremely poor, and would later grow up to adopt the rhythm and blues, and would also meld it with gospel and country. He would create his own sexual dance style and would go by Elvis Presley. But many believed that he took music made by the African Americans, he would make small appearances on shows, such as the ed Sullivan show. But as a young teen sexually dancing he really offended many older Americans of teens.
  • Election of 1952

    Election of 1952
    During this Election the main candidate was Dwight D Eisenhower. He was famous because he was a part of WWII and really help us win the war in the first place. His slogan for the election was "We like Ike" see the people of America Admired him because he was in the war and he had military experience. On the other side was Adlai Stevenson, (Democrat) but Eisenhower landslides Stevenson like nothing. So right into office Eisenhower already solved the problem, threatens the nuclear weapons.
  • TV Shows

    TV Shows
    WWII slowed down the introduction to TV about 75% of the people in America had a black and white TV in there house. This was new entertainment to the people and as well as News. Fun and entertainment for the whole family, shows such as. I Love Lucy and Father Knows Best, it would also later serve as a powerful tool for the politicians such Richard Nixon' Checkers Speech, and a even powerful tool for Kennedy during the 1960's election. This was available with hard work and obedience for the TV
  • Dr.Jonas Salk

    Dr.Jonas Salk
    This man would be the man that would develop the vaccine for Polio the vaccine would deactivate the virus. Later they would develop a oral vaccine and it would be available in 1961. And with Jonas Salk developing the Vaccine for polio he would have eradicated from the U.S. and the world by 1994. This man really was a big help to the people and the future if it was not for this man we would probably still have polio to this day. But its all thanks to Dr. Jonas Salk who developed the vaccine.
  • Emmet Till Tragedy

    Emmet Till Tragedy
    Emmet Till was a boy that lived in the city and traveled to money Mississippi, he was with his friends and supposedly accepted a challenge, where he asked out a white girl which was bed in Mississippi. and was later that night whisked away. He was driven to a nearby shed beaten and thrown in a river. His body was found three days later bloated and unrecognizable, funeral held in Chicago and it was an open casket, Mother wanted everybody wanted to see Jim Crow in the south.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Montgomery Bus Boycott
    This event took 4 months after the death of Emmett Till, and the main person of this was Rosa Parks she would board the back of the bus, and a white man boarded and asked for Rosa Parks seat. She would refuse, and so the people began to boycott the buses, and the boycott was very successful, and the bus business was starting to go out of business from all the people not riding the bus, they were starting to carpool to avoid the bus. and finally the SCOTUS ruled segregated buses unconstitutional
  • Eisenhower Interstate Highway System

    Eisenhower Interstate Highway System
    The Interstate Highway system was meant to be a German autobahn system. And in the end he really liked the idea of this system. The Interstate system was a system of multi purpose roads, that could be used by the military and the civilians, but the true meaning of the roads was an evacuation route just in case of a attack as well as a faster way to transport weapons that are being used for war. But most of the time people just used it as a giant highway for traveling place to place wherever.
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    So around 1953 the Soviets were in need of a new premier. And that man would be Nikita Khrushchev, at first he would overture for peace and prosperity, and would later turn out to be a big lie. He was secretly building military and space technology to compete with America, and they would soon surpass us in what we call the space race. They built a satellite known as Sputnik the first orbiting Satellite which scared america of falling behind. So we made NASA to compete and surpass the Soviets.
  • Little Rock 9

    Little Rock 9
    Around this time many white family's resisted integration of blacks into schools with there kids or any other public places. The segregationist resist Brown V Board, they don't allow blacks to be in public places like schools, buses, parks, and libraries. But at central high school they are slowly starting to integration, but the general Orval Faubaus was running for re election and his plan was to deny the 9 black students that were going to attend the high school, only white students.
  • New Frontier

    New Frontier
    The New Frontier is what our Next President John F Kennedy wanted for the people of America, he would be the youngest elected president since Teddy Roosevelt. The plan of action that Kennedy wanted to take was raise the minimum wage for the people of the U.S. He also wanted to cut the business taxes for the people by 90%, he also wanted to be the first to land someone on the moon and beat the Soviets in the Space race. Because at the moment the Soviets still had the lead in technology.
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  • Sit In's

    Sit In's
    In the late 1950's non-violence was going from schools to other public places they blacks wanted to show the whites the struggle that they had to suffer. So blacks went into dine in's, the first sit in took place at Greensboro North Carolina and this spread across the nation, they would go to white lunch counters in the whites only seats and they were showing civil disobedience. And they were going to sit there until the waiter was willing to serve them, but they just got beaten instead.
  • Nixon and Kennedy

    Nixon and Kennedy
    During the 1960 election it was Nixon vs Kennedy and TV had just been introduced this would be the first broadcasted election and Kennedy knew this. Kennedy was young and invigorating, he knew the power of TV and knew what it could do. Nixon on the other hand did not know the power of TV, before the debate Kennedy put some backup on to brighten himself up a bit while, Nixon was pale as a ghost and this would later affect the election. The debate pushed Kennedy over the top, one of the closet
  • Freedom Rides

    Freedom Rides
    Around 1961 after the bus boycotts blacks and whited were riding together. And they had the idea of riding together and going to the deep south to challenge the southern resistance. And there plan was that they wanted a violent clash so that the government could force its hand on the south. They went to Anniston Alabama and when they arrived the bus was getting pelted with rocks the people slashed the tires, and even firebombed the bus. The riders were beaten and even arrested for what they did.
  • Peace Corps

    Peace Corps
    The Peace Corps was a corporation that would be founded by John F Kennedy. This Corporation was meant for young college graduates, they would work in poor countries and try there best to help the poor countries and support them and put them in a better position. This was just a bunch of humanitarian projects to help other countries. But the agenda did not go as planned, this Corporation was unaccomplished, and many conservatives didn't like the liberal agenda of the corporation from Kennedy.
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    The Bay of Pigs was an operation that was approved by Eisenhower to make an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. The men in the operation were Cuban exiles. This operation would later be put into the hands of the next president, J.F.K. The CIA told Kennedy that the operation would be a total success, but that did not happen, the exiles were brutally beaten back and after the people saw this they put all the blame on Kennedy and he was the reason for the failure. But Kennedy would blame the CIA.
  • Earl Warren Court

    Earl Warren Court
    The Earl Warren Court was run by Chief Justice Earl Warren, this would be known as the most liberal SCOTUS in history. This would be known as the era of liberalism, they would shoot down many conservative tenements. They would also hold many courts cases that have made a big impact to this day. Engel V Vitale was for prayer in schools, Brown V Board for Jim Crow. Loving V Virginia interracial marriage, Gideon V WainWright free counsel for the accused, and Miranda V Arizona right to remain silent
  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X
    This man would convert to Islam, he would spend 6 years in prison, and joins the nation of Islam. He thought that Islam was for black people, and he would change his name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X. He was a natural orator, and he believed that black militancy should have self defense, but he had different goals from southern blacks, but he was different from MLK. He disagreed from the non violent way that MLK believed and also he didn't let white people help in this movement.
  • The Warren Commission

    The Warren Commission
    The commission was under control by President Johnson, this commission was set up to investigate the assassination that just happen. But the problem was that Kennedy's Enemies were all on the commission. And in the end they concluded that Oswald acted alone, but people continued to disbelieve what they have concluded. Because many people said that the bullet looked like it came from a totally different direction and that's why they disbelieve. So conspiracy's were being made all about it.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald

    Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Harvey Oswald was an Ex-marine, but who had communist sympathies, and was defected to U.S.S.R. But got lucky and came back to the U.S. with special permission, he was supposibly the only shooter and was on the 6th floor of a book depository, he fired five shots at the president. Two of the shots hit the president, and killed the president with a head shot. He would manage to get away from the police, but was hiding in the movies, and was later killed by a man named Jack Ruby days later.
  • Kennedy Assassination

    Kennedy Assassination
    It was the election of 1964 and Kennedy was campaigning for re-election, and around this time many southern democrats were upset over civil rights because of Kennedy. He was in his motorcade and it took several turns in which he made his way to downtown, Lee Harvey Oswald took shots at the president and got the kill with a headshot. They tried rushing him to the hospital but it was to late. He was buried at Arlington National cemetery and he has the eternal flame a never ending flame.
  • Great Society

    Great Society
    President Lyndon Johnson when elected started to call the people the great society saying that they would be better and they would overcome everything that they had been through. So he started ramming liberal legislation through congress. What he would institute is unleaded gasoline, food labels and PBS. He would eliminate poverty, and start putting money into education, provide healthcare for the elderly. Increase public housing for people, and made the highways a bit more nicer for people.
  • Daisy Girl TV Ad

    Daisy Girl TV Ad
    This ad was used by candidate Lyndon Johnson against his opponent Barry Goldwater. The ad was a little girl playing with a flower and out of nowhere a bomb timer goes off, next thing you know you hear the sound of the bomb going off and you assume the child id dead. This ad worked very well on the people it put fear of the Cold War inside the people of the U.S. and it served as a response to Goldwater's NATO response. Because he would have the commanders authority to use the nuclear weapons.
  • Counter Culture

    Counter Culture
    This counter culture would secede from the beat generation, this group of people would reject middle class values, they would also renounce material possessions. They were in short a group of hippies and they would use drugs to escape from the real world issues and problems.Or as they liked to call it explore there inner selves, some of the hippies would choose to live in separate communities, and as hippies they were all for free love and peace of the people and others as well.
  • Freedom Summer

    Freedom Summer
    Freedom Summer was supposed to be the turning point of the movement, but the first day everything went wrong. On the first day three civil rights workers went missing, they were investigating a clan burning, but they were pulled over by a local sheriff. They were then booked at the jail but for some reason let go, but as it turned out the sheriff had friends in the KKK and called them over when he released the prisoners, and they disappeared. they were found 6 weeks later all shot in the head.
  • Feminism

    Around this time women would split there own ways and work for there civil rights that they deserve. In which they began feminism, they believed in empowerment through sexuality, and this really encouraged women to explore there sexuality. They believed that they should marry when there good looks started to go away, A leader of this was Betty Friedman. She believed that women could do everything that men could do, and she wanted equal treatment, opportunity and pay.
  • Watts Riots

    Watts Riots
    These Riots took place in Los Angeles California, this was a poor area with very high unemployment and the schools were very poor as well and many of the people in this area would take lots of drugs. One day a black man was arrested for drunk driving, and the people heard of this and got mad and started to riot and they lit the area on fire and it stayed on fire for about 6 days. After this whites started leaving the civil rights of blacks, and MLK saw this and the violence and tried to stop it
  • Black Panthers

    Black Panthers
    The Black Panther Organization was a paramilitary organization they fought for the rights of blacks and others that were not treated as equals to others. They were dressed in black commando attire, they were originally founded in Oakland California, they stoked racial pride and inner city renewal. They appealed to many young African Americans in the inner city, but many whites feared the panthers because of there militancy, the leader was Huey Newton and was later put in jail and lost the group
  • Death of MLK

    Death of MLK
    On this day MLK was traveling to Memphis Tennessee, and he was going to giving a speech at a church. But before the speech he was staying the night at Lorraine Motel and he was a frequent customer at this hotel, so he stayed here a lot. But the next day he was shot talking to someone from the balcony. They eventually found the killer and he was James Earl Ray,but it was to late by the time they got MLK to the hospital it was to late he died by the time he reached the hospital and MLK and gone.
  • Hippies

    Hippies served as the next generation of beatniks. The Hippies had the same idea of the beats but just a new generation, they were for peace and living life at that very moment without inhibition. Rock music was the music of the hippies rock was the way that they would spread there counterculture to the people, and sooner or later artist were starting to transform there music to match the counter-cultural ideas, such as Bob Dylan and the Beetles. And they held a Woodstock Concert as support.
  • OPEC

    OPEC or (Organization of Petroleum exporting countries) This organization that to this day controls most of the worlds oil today. But back to the past, the U.S. was not doing so good on gas, and gas prices, the U.S. got embargoed for supporting Israeli, and they were our main source of gas back then so once we lost Israeli the gas stations were packed everybody trying to get gas, the line were past the gas station down the street, and they had to drop the speed limits to 55 M.P.H. and thats OPEC
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  • WaterGate

    The Water Gate Scandal was a Scandal that was pulled by Richard Nixon the president, it took place at the Water Gate hotel the headquarters of the Democratic party. What was done is Nixon got 5 "Plumbers" to sneak in and steal campaign info, and have a broken wire tap. All was going well until a guard caught the plumbers, and they were arrested. Nixon would avoid WaterGate at all possible and would win the next election, the plumbers would keep quiet, but they found out about Nixon and his tape
  • Endangered Species Act

    Endangered Species Act
    This act requires that every Fish and Wildlife service provides a list of every endangered species which includes plants and animals. AS well as steps to take to protect the wildlife and environment, as well as how to protect the animals after they have been identified. But even when the Services try to protect the animals people still kill them making an animal extinct. Many of the animals are killed off from industrialization and poison that is being spit into the environment of the animals
  • Roe V Wade

    Roe V Wade
    The Roe V Wade court case would be discussing the legalization of abortion, because most states outlawed abortion. The only reason that abortion would be allowed is if it kept the mother alive and saved her life and other extreme reasons. A Women named Norma McCorvey sued Texas for her right to privacy. But when she went to court she went and named herself Jane Roe, and she was having a baby before court, but she decided to give it up for adoption. and SCOTUS ruled outlawing abortion nor right.
  • Nixon's Resignation

    Nixon's Resignation
    On July 1974, the House of Judiciary committee would issue the articles of impeachment obstruction of justice. The SCOTUS would rule that Nixon couldn't withhold information and that he was in the wrongdoing. The next day Nixon would release the unedited versions of the tapes, and the tapes clearly showed that Nixon Was guilty, 2 days later would mark the first day that a president would resign from office, August 8, 1974. And General Ford would take control, and serve in Nixon's place.
  • N.R.A.

    The National Rifle Association was implemented to promote gun safety to the people, but later would be implemented to go political with gun control laws. It was around the late 60's that this all happend. But it was lobbied around the 1980's and would even be endorsed by the president Ronald Reagan during the 1980 election. And to this day we still have the N.R.A. and they are still political still being politically active and implementing gun safety for the people of the U.S.
  • Camp David Accord

    Camp David Accord
    The Camp David Accords was a treaty between Israel and Egypt set up by the U.S. and the president Jimmy Carter to make peace with others. In the peace agreement Israel would agree to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza and the West Bank. And Israel agreed to stop settling in the West bank for now until they would come back later to settle back in. And the Palestinians would promise a country with the peace agreement that they made with Israel. That is the Camp David Accords.
  • The New Right

    The New Right
    The New Right was a collection of different conservative groups that ranged from, business, religion, former Democrats, and Neoconservatives. This group was angry over the liberal policies that were going on, such as welfare, and busing all that they really wanted was a smaller government as well as they wanted there industrial jobs back. But that would never happen, but once this group started discussing there problems many people of the south started to switch to voting Republican.
  • Moral Majority

    Moral Majority
    This group was founded by Jerry Falwell he was a Evangelical preacher, he was for pro everything, pro-life, pro-family, pro-American, and pro-morality. This would grow to be a new religious movement that Falwell Pat Robertson, and Oral Roberts would take this group to the top and become something with time and patience. They would later take this Moral Majority and form a conservative political bloc and this would last from the late 70's to the late 80's.
  • Iran Hostage Crisis

    Iran Hostage Crisis
    The Shah of Iran once was our good friend but the U.S. got backed and they Iran was our major oil supplier but they the Shah of Iran was a brutal dictator and anti communist he was very unpopular, Ayatollah Khomeini, he would lead the Islamic revolution, and he really mistrusted the U.S. So we decided to give amnesty to the Shah. But he took 52 american hostages, so we sent the special forces team in to try to rescue them, so Khomeini negotiated to end the crisis and it ended on 1/20/1981.
  • Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter who was the previous president decided that he wanted to run for a second term he would serve as the Democratic side for the 1980 election. He was a good person that did for the country and nature. But he was president during a bad economy, and though he made it through towards the end of his term, there was the Iran Hostage. It took all the way till this election to finally save them and this made him look bad. He would not win the 1980 election and would lose to Ronald Reagan.
  • Retailing

    This discount retailing would begin in the 1960's with K-mart, Walmart, Home Depot, best buy and etc. Sam Walton the man who created Walmart would later come to create a chain of stores that we all know today, Walmart would sell many variety of products for very low prices, and he has kept to this we all know the slogan save money live better Walmart. This would later go from giant stores to small little stores, this all has affected us today we all shop and we will all continue to shop.
  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan was the former governor of California would run during the 1980 election against Jimmy Carter. When he was younger he was a actor in the 40's and 50's. He was a united conservative with the Coalition behind his back. But in the end Reagan would win the 1980 election and defeat Carter, at the very end right before Reagan would be sworn into office they would finally release the hostages over in Iran. Which Reagan would later mention during his time in office and what he though on it
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  • Sandra Day O Connor

    Sandra Day O Connor
    This women would turn out to become the first female Supreme Court Justice, she would be nominated by Reagan. She was a moderate, and when she first started out she sided with the conservatives of the court system. But she would later on begin to start siding with the liberals later in here years of court. She would later retire in 2006 when her husbands health was not doing so good and she would have to take care of him, he would be diagnosed with Alzheimer's and she was off the Court.
  • A.I.D.S Crisis

    A.I.D.S Crisis
    Aids would come to infect thousands of homosexuals around 1981. This would spread to the heterosexual community and really just scare people from. Doing the nasty, many of the homosexuals really believed that this was a curse from god himself for doing what they were doing, look this was a bad thing for many people but if you look at it from another perspective this was kind of good because it got many people to stop doing the nasty and stay to themselves. So its a good and a bad if you think.
  • Strategic Defense Initiative

    Strategic Defense Initiative
    The SDI or Star Wars if you want to call it was a missile shield defense program against the Soviets. See at the time the Soviets had better missiles then the U.S. and we had the idea of using Satellites as lasers to stop the missiles. But we intended to give the Soviets the same tech, hoping they would spend so much money that they would go bankrupt. This failed for the U.S. but the soviets spent more money on developing this that they started resenting communism and went bankrupt and poor.
  • Just in time inventory

    Just in time inventory
    The Just in time inventory was created by Sam Walton, it was a process where a company would buy products and they would arrive right when that product in the store had just run out. Hench the name just time inventory, this process was tracked by computer inventory. And with this in hand the warehouses would never get an overstock on inventory because they would retrieve the inventory and immediately put it on shelf's for the people to buy and we still use a process like this to this day.
  • Reagan Doctrine

    Reagan Doctrine
    Like every president they all must have a Doctrine dedicated to themselves, and Reagan was the same. See the Reagan Doctrine supported any rebels that were fighting against communism no matter who you were if you were fighting the grasp of communism. Another part of the Reagan Doctrine was that we were no longer going to contain communism but completely get rid of it as a whole. Our first attempt at this would be the Iran Contra problem but this would not go to well since we got into a problem.
  • Iran Contra

    Iran Contra
    This problem has to do with the Sandistas and the Contras, see the Sandistas were trying to overthrow the pro american dictator in Nicaragua in 1979. Well Reagan didn't like this and decided to give the Contras weapons to overthrow the Sandistas, but congress would find out about this. But the Reagan administration would just keep supporting the Contras, they would even sell weapons to Iran in exchange of American hostages. But when they got caught Oliver North would take the blame to distract
  • Challenger Explosion

    Challenger Explosion
    In 1986 the U.S. would try to launch its first space shuttle and try to take the lead in the space race. Yes the space race was pretty much over at this point but we were trying to go to infinity and beyond. And this was a big thing because many people came to watch this huge historical moment. The day that The U.S. would launch a hyper powered space station with people inside, everything seemed well and happy but once the shuttle was launched it would explode and leave others in shock and sad.
  • Fall of Berlin Wall

    Fall of Berlin Wall
    The Berlin was located in the obvious Berlin, the plan was the Nikita Khrushchev wanted the allies out, the Soviets embarrassed East Berlin. The Rich west had better living conditions and many would migrate to the West, so Khrushchev built the wall around West Berlin. Which made it tremendously difficult to get into West Berlin with gunman, barbed wire, dogs, a giant wall, and so much more stopping the people leaving to enter the west. This would last until 1989 when the wall was taken down.
  • Iraq War

    Iraq War
    We begin he fight in 1980 with Iraq, at first its a stalemate between the U.S. and Iraq. The U.S. and Arab nations lend Iraq billions the leader of Iraq was Sadam Hussein, and he blamed Kuwait for there cheap oil. This really hurts Iraq and so they decide to invade Kuwait, they would refuse to forgive the debt, and at this moment Iraq historically claimed Kuwait as part of Iraq. We would finally come in with action at first we bombed them then put boots on the ground and then we finally won.
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  • Rodney King Incident

    Rodney King Incident
    This incident occurred on the date of March 3, 1991, Rodney King was a taxi driver in Los Angeles on this date he was stop by a group of cops that proceeded to beat up on him and majorly injure him. And this is the incident cops proceeded to beat him and he would be known as the victim of the Los Angeles police department Brutality, which they caught on tape of him being beaten. This would start many conflicts with cops and change the view that many people had on the police department later.
  • Election of 1992

    Election of 1992
    The election of 1992 was the 52nd election for president the Candidates were Bill Clinton, Ross Perot and George H.W. Bush. The Two important candidates were Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, Ross Perot was an independent, that played a role but mostly focus on Bill, and George. In the long run Bill Clinton would claim the title as Americas 42nd President. and would be in office for 8 years or two terms. And would put some acts in process and other issues that he would later get himself in.
  • Health Care Reform

    Health Care Reform
    See Clinton had the idea before Obama who we will mention later, but Clinton wanted longtime liberal goal of nationalized healthcare for the people. See this would take a very long time about 100 years in total, and who should he give this task to? None other then Hilary Roadham Clinton, but when the republicans heard about this they would put out a media blitz. We would call the healthcare socialized healthcare, this would not work until around 2009 when we got it in the form of Obama Care.

    NAFTA This group would contain the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. And this would knock down the trade barriers between each other and other countries that were willing to trade with them. They would put rules in place fro several industries such as agriculture and industry. But the negative to this was that many Americans would lose jobs because of NAFTA. But on the bright side NAFTA got stopped many Mexican knock of products that were a bunch of filthy lies and crap that no one cared about.
  • Internet

    The Internet would start on military bases in the 1960's and they would use the internet to exchange data with other countries and other military bases. In the 1980's supercomputers would allow communication on college campuses for the students. They would intend for millions of computers in homes by the late 1990's, The first internet would be AOL or American online, there would be 6 million computers by 1994 and 130 million by 2001 and there are even more right now as we speak.
  • Lewinsky Affair

    Lewinsky Affair
    In this problem the president would have an affair with a white house intern! And her name was Monica Lewinsky, Monica would tell a civil servant in confidence, but Clinton would deny every piece of it saying that he did not have any sexual relations with this women. He would Testify to Starr that he did absolutely no wrong, they would make an attempt to try to impeach Clinton but would not be successful because they did not get the 2/3 vote to impeach him, and got off Scott free
  • Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey
    This lady would be the first richest black women in the entire world, she would be known for creating a well known talk show for the people. The show would be used to discuss issues and trends that occur in day to day life. And she would also support Obama in his run for president and during his term in office.
  • Cell phones

    Cell phones
    Cell phones would be the new future that take place instead of land lines, they would be the future of technology, the phone or smart phone would be able to use the internet to communicate with anybody around the world, without the use of a computer this would serve as a more portable computer that had almost the same power as a computer or may even more. We still use phones to this day more advance from the past. And phones today have more power then computers back then
  • Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson created BET (Black Entertainment Television) this man would run a television show that was meant for African Americans and was just meant as an entertainment for them and some interesting things fro African Americans. He would later go on to be the first black millionaire in the entire world. The Television show was contained music and stories from the African American community, And this show is still played to this day for the entertainment of African Americans everywhere.
  • Al Gore

    Al Gore
    Al Gore was the Democrat for the election, he was the Vice President to Clinton, he would be an environmentalist and wanted to hep the environment of the U.S. As well as being an environmentalist he was also was for the retirement of the baby boomer generation. This would be a very close election but in the long run Al Gore would not win this election and would lose to George W. Bush or the son to George H.W. Bush, he would not win this battle.
  • Bush Vs Gore SCOTUS

    Bush Vs Gore SCOTUS
    See since the 2000 election was very close and nobody could determine the winner, Bush and Gore decided to take it To SCOTUS, see this would be good if it was really close but in the end SCOTUS ruled that Bush won the election and would be the next president of the United States. See Gore would win the popular vote by like half a million but we all know how elections work its the electoral college that determines the winner Bush won the election.
  • 2000 Election

    2000 Election
    The Candidates were Al Gore, and George W. Bush and a third party Ralph Nader, this would also be known as one of the closet elections, it would be so close that Bush and Gore would actually take it to SCOTUS to determine the winner but in the long run Bush would win and Gore would just be upset because he won the popular vote but that's not how it works its about the electoral college.
  • Period: to


  • 9/11

    We all know this. 4 planes get hijacked by Al-Qaeda members and plan to crash them into major American buildings or important places, they would manage to sneak in box cutters past the metal detectors. They would take over the planes and crash them into the world trade center, the pentagon and the final one just into the woods since they got overpowered by the people. 2,973 people would die this day and would live on in history that we all know.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    The levee system that was supposed to protect New Orleans against overflow of water from the ocean, well that would not work as plan and many people would either be hurt or maybe even killed. 80% of New Orleans would be flooded and would take a long time to recover, this would all make Bush look really bad and really get most people to hate him and make him not want to run in the next election.
  • The Great Recession

    The Great Recession
    During this time the economy would have a huge bust in the middle of the campaign during 2008. This would cause many home prices to fall, and the banks would have very poor lending habits, which would cause many risky investments. This would all lead to massive foreclosures, the government would have to bail out many industries. This would be the worst economic collapse since the great depression.
  • Barrack Obama

    Barrack Obama
    Barrack Obama would serve as the Democratic side for the 2008 election, he was a first term Senator of Illinois. And he was against the Iraq war and everything to do with it. He would beat out Hilary Clinton, and when he was campaigning he would use nasty campaigning. And in the end he would win the election and become the 47th president of the United States, and implement many rules and acts that are in action today.
  • John Mccain

    John Mccain
    He was the republican of the 2008 election and would run against Obama, he was a former Vietnam War Prisoner, and as well as a former Navy Pilot, he would select Sarah Palin as his running mate, she would run as a moderate, but John and Obama would both promise to get our troops out of Iraq and bring them back safely and get out of the Iraq problem around the time.
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    This would take place in 2009 and would put the U.S. in 700 million in government spending. This would be good because we would create new jobs for the people and as well as save jobs that were close to going out of business, This in the long run would spur an economic growth for the economy and be good for the people put people on there feet and get them into working hard to make that money.
  • Obama Care

    Obama Care
    Obama would gets acts passed to to reform and make private healthcare for the people. Everyone would be required to have health insurance or pay a fine, many liberals would be upset over this policy because its not a single payer system like Europe. But in 2008 Republican Congress would overturn the individual mandate.