Porsha's Reading History

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  • Reading To The Womb

    Reading To The Womb
    I am not sure about what effect reading to babies still in the womb has but my mom began reading to me in the womb.
  • 2nd Grade

    2nd Grade
    In 2nd grade reading was fun. Every book we read had a week or two dedicated to the story topic. It included fun crafts, field trips, and movies.
  • 3rd Grade

    3rd Grade
    Reading material got intense and I was nervous to fail so I shied away from reading.
  • High school

    High school
    In high school to avoid reading and reading groups, I picked all writing classes so I could work individually.
  • Nursing School

    Nursing School
    Reading in nursing school was the most difficult reading material I had ever experienced. I learned to comprehend using a variety of strategies.
  • Teaching

    I started teaching and my biggest fear was not reading anymore. I was afraid that I couldn't make reading fun.
  • Reading To My Students

    Reading To My Students
    I began to make reading fun for me and my students. (actual photo of me reading to my class)
  • Reading For Fun

    Reading For Fun
    I never thought I would read for fun but one of my goals for this year is to get into reading more. I am now reading The Hate You Give and I am enjoying it.
  • Period: to

    4th-6th Grade

    Because I was so shy I was placed in speech and reading group that met every Wednesday.
  • Period: to


    Once I started college I continued to pick only writing classes.