ponyboy and another character

  • introduced greaser

    Described seven main typical greaser characters so that we could see some physical and mental feathers of the greaser from them
  • Introduced scos

    Showed how cruel the scos were from biting pony boy, and described their usual behavior.
    Knew the relationship between greaser and scos, and we could understand the reasons things happened after.
  • Met two scos’ girls in the cinema

    One of the girls named Cherry, the school leader, and another called Marcia. Both girls were very beautiful.
    Pony talked with cherry about dally and Johnny and found out they could get along well. When we read here, we will wonder what an amazing thing a greaser and a scos could be friends.
  • Dally molested two girls

    Dally thought two scos girl were very cute; especially cherry, so he wanted to close she. But his behavior really annoyed cherry. Actually cherry thought Dally was very charming.
  • Pony communicated with cherry

    After watching movie, pony talked with cherry about the difference between greaser and scos, but they all thought there is not many difference between them expect the social statue because they watch same sunset. At this time pony started thinking why he and cherry are human but are treated so differently only because of they had different levels.
  • greasers met two scos girls’ boyfriends

    The two scos thought pony dally and Johnny teas their girl friends, so they argued with these greasers and took their girlfriends away. The greasers were very unpleasant after that. Pony are bitten by Darrel because pony came back late
  • Johnny killed bob

    After Darrel bitted pony, pony ran away with Johnny. Johnny thought walking can help pony feel better. When they got park, they see two girls’ boyfriends came to pick a quarrel. Pony and Johnny were cold and hungry, and they were bitten to die soon by scos. For self-defense, Johnny killed bob, and other scos were afraid and running way. Pony and Johnny were getting big trouble, so they found dally to give them some suggestion.
  • Dally’s help

    The only person who knew how to deal with crime was Dally, so pony and Johnny went to a bar to get Dally’s help. Dally told them to hid in a church, giving them a padded coat and money for the next period. Pony and Johnny were very nervous and afraid; the consequence was extremely serious, so they had to avoid anyone till the event gradually ends.
  • Period: to

    When pony and Johnny lived at church

  • When pony and Johnny lived at church

    They were very tired when they got church, so they slept for a long time. Johnny found some food, entertainment things and a book for pony which he liked best. They had to disguise themselves, so they cut their hair which is the represent of greasers at an emotional moment. When Pony and Johnny saw the sunrise again, pony wrote a poem immediately to express his feeling that nothing good can always stay.
  • Dally visit pony and Johnny

    After many days, dally looked about pony and Johnny to tell them they were safe, and everybody were missing them. He bought soda’s letter for pony which said dally were regret about that night; then, dally bought them to DQ. They ate a lot, and Dally told pony and Johnny things happened recently like greasers and scos will fight tomorrow night at the lot, and cherry was helping greasers as a spy.
  • Church is on fire

    They heard that cherry though all things happened because of her, so she said in the court that Johnny killing bob was not on purpose, just for self-defense. After lunch, they got church discovering it was on fire, and many children were visiting the church at that time. In other words, those children were in the fire. Pony and Johnny saved those children and got badly hurt. Everybody was amazing about greasers will be hero; somebody will suspect the truth of the event, and another will doubt
  • emergency treatment

    Pony, Johnny and Dally were getting badly hurt; all of them needed acid treatment. Johnny got worst hurt nearly dead. The teacher saved us; he was a fair person because he didn’t judge people by their social statue. After them arriving hospital, soda and Darrel came to see them. Pony, soda and Darrel, the three brothers, finally got together, and Darrel said sorry to pony about that night. Actually Darrel bit pony because of care and caution; he is afraid of losing pony
  • Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes

    Pony and Johnny became heroes and Johnny nearly died after saving children. The news spread everywhere. Pony didn’t want to get any benefit for government, he just wanted Johnny to recover quickly and stop fighting. Pony hate fighting between greaser and scos because he didn’t want the tragedy happened again.
  • Talking with Randy

    Randy was a scos, but he never looked down upon anyone because he thought everyone was an individual, and they need their characteristics and feathers. He hated the confliction between tow gangs because nobody will get benefice from it, and it will hurt many people. He explained their behavior and bob’s crime that night. He treated pony as a person but a greaser. Pony thought many things after communication.
  • Met Johnny and dally at hospital

    Johnny was very glad that everybody is fine, and nobody was getting such badly hurt like him. Johnny couldn’t walk anymore; he was already disabled and suffering at the hospital all the time. Even at this time, his mother companied about the whole trouble he made. Johnny was almost crazy. Dally was ok, but after he heard Johnny can’t stand up, he soon became very angry, and now he want to kill scos to fight back for Johnny. Dally got hurt, but he will participate the fighting tonight for Johnny
  • Talking with cherry

    When tow-bit and pony leave hospital, they saw cherry. Cherry want to explain to pony for Johnny killing bob. Pony mistakenly thought cherry hated Johnny because the greaser killed scos. Actually, cherry weren’t looking down upon their social rank, but just for the bob’s die, she couldn’t totally forgive Johnny. At last she mentioned the sunset again means she was still treat pony, Johnny and other greasers as friends.
  • fighting

    7’o clock pm the fighting began, before the period, I asked every member why they like to fight. They all had different reasons, which can be concluded into one world—fun. Those greasers are kind people; they weren’t biting people because of really hatred. When the fighting started, pony didn’t see randy’s coming, and fighting was keeping for a longtime. Pony was bitten to dizzy, at this time, dally was appearing coming to help pony so that pony didn’t die, and finally the greasers won the fight
  • Johnny died

    Ending the fighting, pony and dally soon ran to hospital telling Johnny they had won the game. Seeing Johnny, they really disappointed about Johnny’s health situation. Johnny can’t hold on life anymore. He told pony to keep kind, against the war and struggle the rank confliction (it was our comprehension about “staying gold”). At last, Johnny died. At first, pony didn’t understand what “stay gold” means. Pony and dally are very sad, especially dally; he was almost crazy because he considered Jo
  • blanking time

    Pony can’t believe Johnny’s death; he thought Johnny was just sleeping or traveling for a long time. Pony came back to home toughly, and told his two brother Johnny died doubtfully. They are all very sorry to hear about this. Pony was sick and lying on the bad for 4 days because he had already fevered since pong was fighting. Things changed so quickly that nobody can adopt it, and everybody was covered by sorrow and darkness.
  • Dally’s death

    Dally can’t tolerate the information that Johnny had dead, he wanted to die too because his only motivation of life had already disappeared. He stove book for letting police catch him, and bit the servicer. He ran and ran; finally he was shot by police man. Dally’s death and trouble, all the things he made was on purpose. He can get anything he wanted including death. In generously, only because of fighting or stealing shouldn’t people be killed, but police killed dally and didn’t get any punis
  • Pony memory of Bob

    Pony lay in bed and recalled Bob was killed by Johnny,he thinks Bob is a wild oats ,bad-tempered, vain and timid.
  • Randy visit pony

    Randy visit pony and told his that he will give evidence in court about the day Bob killed. I always told his I killed Bob not Johnny. I still consider Johnny is living, I wrangle with Randy about Johnny still alive. My mood is so emotional,andI always fight to him . finally Randy has to leave.
  • Before the court

    The judge asked again what happened, he asked pony grades at school, and asked pony if Ihe would like to live with his brother. Finally the judge acquitted pony, the court adjourned.
  • pony now lives

    Pony wants to return to a normal life, but the fact is not such, grades have been falling, and always forget things, pony English teacher very worried about him, told his English has failed, but if he can write a good essay, he will give his C. The students always trying to escape from pony, a little afraid of pony.
  • write paper

    Pony write papers at home, but he didn't know how to write, and with Darry quarreled. he see there are Johnny wrote to his, and it is also mentioned that hetold dally to live in it, but it's too late. Pony finally decided to write about their greasers