Political Parties From 1800 to Today

Timeline created by cklinn
  • Era of Democrats

    Era of Democrats
    Thomas Jefferson is elected Prsident ushering in an era of Democrartic domination that lasted until the Civil War. Created and Era where Democats won 13 out of 15 presidential elections. Created "Era of Good Feelings" until teh 1820's Conflicts over public land, the Second Bank of U.S, high tariffs, and slavery established new national allignments like the National Republican Party and the Whig Party.
  • Jacksonian Democracy

    Jacksonian Democracy
    President Andrew Jackson elected to office. Promotion of small farmes, debtors, frontier pioneers, and slaveholders. Established:
    1. Voting Rights for all White Males.
    2. Huge Incerase in number of elected offices
    3. Spoils System in government offices
  • 1854 Republican Party is Born

    1854 Republican Party is Born
    Slavery Splits both Major Parties. Democratic Party Splits
    Northern Democrats v. Southern Democrats
    South-pro-slavery Republican Party unites combining forem Whig Party and Antislavery Democrats.
  • Era of Republicans

    Era of Republicans
    Election of Abraham Lincoln and start of the Civil War marks beginning of 75 years of Republican Party Supremacy. Supporters: farmers, big business, newly freed blacks, and laborers.
  • 1896 Critical Development of Party System

    1896 Critical Development of Party System
    Protest between small business owners, farmers, and emerging labor unions against big business, financial monopolies, and the rail roads. Republicans nominate
    William McKinley- supports gold standards
    Democrats nominate
    William Jennings Bryan- supports free silver Truing political shift from sectionalism to economic policies and agenda.
  • Return of the Democrats

    Return of the Democrats
    Depression brings shift in the role of government, and led by FDR, the Democrats return to Power. Marked by four consecutive terms by FDR as president. New electoral base created around revolutionar economic and social welfare programs. Incorporated strong support from African Americans in the political arena.
  • Era of Divided Government

    Era of Divided Government
    1968- Present time Republicans win White House in 68' with former Vice President Richard Nixon. Democrat Party divided over conflicts over the war in Vietnam, civil rights, and social issues.
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    1974 President Nixon resigns from office because of percieved corruption of his office and potential of full impeachment.
  • Republican Advantage

    Republican Advantage
    Worsening economy with rising inflation, fear of nuclear war, the Iranian hostage crisis created an aura of failure for Democratic President Jimmy Carter. Republican Ronald Reagan successfully wins the White House in 1980. Also wins a landslide victory in 1984 carrying all but one state in the Union for a second term. Reagan administration creates wide ranging efforts to alter foreign and domestic policy in America.
  • Political Parties in the 21st Century

    Political Parties in the 21st Century
    Democrats hold the Presidentcy with Clinton and create an age of prosperity. Republicans take back political power and the presidency in 2000 by a narrow margin in the electoratal vote giving Bush Jr. the oval office. Democrats take back the Presidency in 2008 with the election of Barrack Obama and a stronghold over both bodies in Congress.