Pocahontas- Tea Party

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  • Birth

    Pocahontas was born in 1596, no one knows when in that year. Pocahontas was given many names over the years but her birth name was "Amonute". Pocahontas was the daughter of Wahunsenaca (Chief Powhatan) but nothing is known about her mother.
  • Aquaintenced the Colonists

    In April, English colonists came to what is now known as Jamestown, Virginia. Pocahontas met the founder, John Smith, in the winter and they became friends. Pocahontas and John Smith traded a lot. John Smith would suppy the Powhattan tribe with goods and food they were not firmilliar with such as corn and the tribe would suppy the English men with food while they were starving during winter.
  • Saved John Smith's Life

    In 1607, Powhattan's men captured John Smith. Smilth's head was placed between a rock and a club. With her father about to club his head, Pocahontas placed herself over him. After that, Powhattan let Smith return to England. Although many believe this is a flase story that was used as propoganda, Smith did write about this event in his journal.
  • Warned Colonists

    Pocahontas visited Jamestown very often. Pocahontas would inform Smith of her fathers plans to attack the colonists. During a trading party, Pocahontas warned the colonists of an ambush her father was planning. Pocahontas' warning saved many lives for the colonists.
  • Stopped Visiting Colonists

    Pocahontas was very close with John Smith. Due to a gunpowder accident, he sailed back to England. After Smith returned to England, the Powhattans and the English men did not get along. The settlers informed Pocahontas that Smith died on his journey to England. She did not return to the colony for the next four years.
  • Kidnapped

    In the spring of 1613, Samuel Argall took Pocahontas prisoner, hoping for Cheif Powhattan to release some of his men captured and return other stolen tools or weapons. Pocahontas' father released seven English prisoners, Argall did not release Pocahontas due to her father failing to return the weapons and tools.
  • Transfered to Christianity

    After Pocahontas was kidnapped, she was treated very nice by the colonists. The minister, Alexander Whitaker, taught Pocahontas about Christianity. This also helped her to improve her English. She was converted to Christianity and was baptized "Rebecca".
  • Pocahontas Reunites with Father

    After being held captive for an entire year by the colonists, Pocahontas saw her father. She was upset that he refused to make the necessary trades to bring her home, and she decided to stay with the English permanently.
  • Got Married

    In 1614, she accepted a proposal of marriage from John Rolfe, a popular settler; both the colonists and the native americans agreed to the marriage. Pocahontas and John Rolfe got married in April, 1614. Because of the marriage, there was peace between the English and the Indians.
  • Gave Birth

    Pocahontas and Rolfe had one child together. Their son's name was Thomas Rolfe. Thomas was born in 1615, about one year after their wedding, before the Rolfe family left for England.
  • Traveled to England

    Pocahontas, her husband, their one-year-old son Thomas, and a group of other Native Americans sailed to England. The Virginia Company saw her visit as a device or a way to publicize the colony and to win support from King James and as an oppertunity to promote investment. She met many major figures and was presented at court.
  • Death

    Pocahontas got ill in England. She died in March 1617, after boarding ship to return to Virginia. Pocahontas was buried in Gravesend, England. With the death of Pocahontas and, soon after, of Powhatan, the peace between colonists and Indians no longer existed.