Copper sunrise

Plot outline of Copper sunrise

By 2epic4u
  • Star of Bethlehem

    Jamie's family have just moved away from scotland on the Star of Bethlehem in which Jamie's little brother suffers from the Bubonique plague.
  • Period: to

    Copper Sunrise

    Copper Sunrise
  • Jamie and Tethani meet.

    This scene is what the whole story is about because if there wasn't this scene the whole story would be on a diffrent topic.
  • Jamie meet's Tethani's Family

    Tethani Takes Jamie to his home to show him to his parent's and it does not go as planned.
  • Mr Crave Arrives.

    This is when Mr. Craven arrives with his army he has a plan to kill all of the Natives because of the stories of them stealing and s\ being murders and Cannibals so he wants to kill them all for the saftey of Cutwater.
  • This Is the climax.

    I believe this is the climax because you know that something bad is gonna happen espically because how he said all of them not one to scare them all of them and also this must means war beetween the Native's and the Villagers.
  • The Attack.

    By now Tethani's family is already dead and is left gifts and supplies for their trip to the Lands on the west also the other Native's have been cornerd onto a edge were they are surrounded by the Villagers with guns.
  • Tethani's Death.

    Tethani was killed by Andrew while Robert was pucking on a tree because of the massacare Jamie fought as hard as he could to save Tethani even took the back of a rifle for him but at the end it was all for nothing, the next day Jamie and his little brother Davie go outside to see a Copper Sunrise and know that they made it to the west.
  • The dénouement.

    I believe this is the dénouement because this is where the entire story finishes about a Native boy and his friend. Also most of the goals where achieved by this scene and also he knows that Tethani and his family will now have no worries.