• Introductions

    We don't learn Piggy's real name. He hints to Ralph that he wants him to ask, but Ralph has no real interest in finding out what his name is. By not learning Piggy's true name, it is symbolic of the lack of respect that people gave him.
  • First Meeting

    First Meeting
    The first meeting was the start of their society. Piggy told Ralph to blow on the conch. The conch represented power and order. The conch was used as a way to talk on the island and be heard. People followed this rule for everyoe but Piggy. The first meeting set up some guidelines for the kids to follow. Piggy loved rules and was the start of telling people what they should be doing or what would be best for the island.
  • Contributions

    Piggy offered to make a sundial for the island (p.64), and knew what a mirage was (p.58). He demonstrates his knowledge for them and the society. Would be a good leader and has lots of ideas if the boys would listen to him.
  • Speaks up for others

    Speaks up for others
    Piggy wants the littluns voices to be heard (p.86) about the beastie and their thoughts. He speaks up for Simon when he has his stutters. (p.128) People don't respect him and that causes him in return to speak up for other people and make sure that they have their voices heard.
  • Leader

    Ralph counts on Piggy to help him remember what he was going to say to the group. (p.141) Piggy helps him think up ideas and solutions to the problem that is occuring.
  • Witness

    Piggy and Ralph witness the killing of Simon and see what the boys on the island are truly capable of. Piggy doesn't change his values or join Jack's society despite this fear. Him and Ralph stand against them still and they still have the most valuable piece on the island Piggy's Specs.
  • Specs

    Piggy's Specs control life on the island. For him to not have a lot of power but to hold the key to success of the island is ironic. The specs are their way of starting a fire. Through the fire they have not only the hope of getting rescued, but also the way to cook their food. Piggy doesn't let this power go to his head though. Jack and the others sneak in and steal Piggy's specs (p.168). Now they have the only source of power that the other tribe held over them.
  • Disappearance

    Piggy is killed by the boulder that Roger pushes down. He was trying to maintain order with the conch and solve the problem on the island. Now the only true knowledgable person on the island is gone, the conch is destroyed, and the little order and peace that had remained is gone. The turning point of their society started after Piggy was gone.